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Expressing contrast.

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1 Expressing contrast

However Nevertheless On the one hand / on the other hand In spite of / despite Although /even though But

Some connectors have got similar meanings but: are followed by different structures. Take different places in the sentence.   

4 subject + verb (A clause)
ALTHOUGH/ EVEN THOUGH   Even though and although are followed by a clause. although/ even though subject verb subject + verb (A clause) Although I am poor, I am happy. they played well, they lost. Even though she was tired, she went out. he eats a lot, he is thin.

5 subject + verb (A clause) subject + verb (A clause)
In spite of and despite  Despite and in spite of are followed by a noun phrase or a gerund. despite/ in spite of the fact (that) subject verb subject + verb (A clause) Despite the fact that I am poor, I am happy. the fact they played well, they lost. In spite of she was tired, she went out. he eats a lot, he is thin. despite/ in spite of -ing form subject + verb (A clause) Despite being poor I am happy. playing well they lost. In spite of being tired she went out. eating a lot he is thin.

6 This form is less common but possible:
despite/ in spite of Noun subject + verb Despite my poverty I am happy. their good play, they lost. In spite of her tiredness she went out. his great appetite, he is thin.

7 Connectors are usually written in specific places in a sentence:
At the beginning of a sentence: however, nevertheless, on the one hand, on the  other  hand. Either at the beginning or in the middle: despite, in spite of, although, even though. Only in the middle of a sentence: but

8 Let´s practice… ______ he´s only 12, David is taller than his mother.
Although In spite of We went out _____ the rain. Despite Even though _______ its financial problems, the company is successful.

9 He still loves her _____ everything.
Although In spite of I won´t go to the party _____ I was invited. Even though Despite ________ her illness, James went to school. ________ he´s 86, he has an excellent heath.

10 You can copy down my answers ______ I´m not sure they´re right.
Although In spite of Buses are still running, ______ the snow. Even though Despite I like my apartment a lot _________ it is quite small.

11 Let´s practice… __________ she is beautiful, everybody hates her.
The children slept deeply __________ the noise. __________ earning a low salary, Sara helped her parents. Jane rarely sees Alan __________, they are neighbors. Kate didn´t do well in the exam ___________ working very hard. Although in spite of In spite of although in spite of __________ I was very hungry, I couldn´t eat. _____________ the difficulty, they managed to solve the problem. Liza never talked to him __________ she loved him. ___________ it was cold, Marie didn´t put on her coat. Although In spite of although Although


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