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The Vision!. Seattle BellevueTacomaBellinghamEdmondsIssaquahOlympia.

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1 The Vision!

2 Seattle BellevueTacomaBellinghamEdmondsIssaquahOlympia

3 Looking ahead to 5775—2015

4 The first name in meaningful early childhood! Seattle Bellevue Tacoma

5 Seattle Bellevue Tacoma MMSC

6 The best in early childhood and kindergarten education. Parents are attracted to the warm atmosphere and the children are guided in Montessori styled classrooms. Sister locations are available in Bellevue, Seattle and Tacoma. The various sites work in collaboration with each other to provide quality programs and professional development for the staff. The programs are under the MERKOS NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD accredited by the NCPSA.

7 The Elementary School Students at MMSC are focused learners

8 Advanced Gemara 8:00- 9:00 Judaic Studies General Studies Extended Program 3:45-4:45 (M-Th) Shacharis Consistent class configurations Quality secular studies program Extended Chassidus program The Elementary School – The Program

9 Elementary School – Student Body

10 Practical, yet tasteful facility Attractive to parents Approved by the state Elementary School – The Facilities

11 1-3 Master Teacher 1.0 Assistant 1.0 $65,000 4-5 Judaic.5 Secular.5 Part time assistant $55,000 6-8 Boys Judaic.5 Secular.5 $45,000 6-8 Girls Judaic.5 Secular.5 $45,000 Salaries = between $210,000 and $250,000 Benefits = Between 6 and 8 Faculty We may need to pay extra for before and after school learning Number of classrooms needed = 4 (We are currently running 5 classrooms for these age groups) Elementary School – The Model

12 Skills Based LearningContent Based Learning The mastery based learning model... Focuses on mastering academic skills Ensures individual student is mastering each skill Teacher is able to track the progress of each student Focuses on learning content Ensures whole group is moving through content Teacher is able to track the overall class progress

13 Master teacher teaches group lessons while the aid works with individual students on the skills that he/she is attaining. Students are also able to independently listen to video lessons for reviewing or learning new material or skills. Students who have mastered a skill engage in activities to deepen and broaden their application. Students who do not satisfactorily complete a topic are given additional instruction until they succeed.

14 In the mastery based learning model... Teachers: are clear about the progress of each student Parents: understand how their child is progressing Students: have a sense of direction in their studies

15 The model of MMSC is so successful because it is meeting the needs of a broad student body. The opportunity to enrich the education with Chassidic customs and knowledge makes MMSC the right choice for meeting the needs of students who will head to Yeshiva or our girls high school. The strong secular curriculum is attractive for families who don’t want to compromise the quality of education while still having their children in a positive and Jewish environment.

16 Challenges Solutions Inconsistent staffing / staff turnover Consistent class configurations Better Salaries Curriculum is redeveloped each year Mastery based learning Consistent class configurations Retention and recruitment challenges Parents will know what class and teacher to expect Parents confident in secular curriculum

17 Here is what it will take… Adopt a Model Model to be coached by Dr. Stevie Bravmann Rabbi Nochem Kaplan will coach the Judaic curriculum process Cost Analysis Training Collaboration Marketing Curriculum development Materials Training for Teachers Training will be a critical piece for teachers to be successful using this model Ongoing collaboration between teachers Marketing As the model is developed and adopted it is important that the community has the opportunity to follow the process Collaboration Strong collaboration to develop a core early childhood program

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