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Renaissance Life & Society Period 5

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1 Renaissance Life & Society Period 5
Project done by: Trevor Lombardi Michael Gaccione Milad Mirghahari Joe Servidio Mike Contreras

2 Education Education became increasingly secular (less focused on religion) at the beginning of the Renaissance Opened schools and wrote books on things that people needed to be educated about Humanist schools opened, which taught the thought of liberal studies could help people reach their full potential Many females didn’t get an education, and the ones that did would be taught about the classics and taught how to play an instrument.

3 Family Family bonds were a great source of security
Marriage contracts included a dowry (a sum of money that the wife's family gives the husband during marriage) Parents arranged marriages

4 Marriage Married young Were suppose to be servants
Parents arranged marriage Were under control by men

5 Nobility Even though nobles had a decline in profit at the
beginning of the Renaissance, many were able to retain their land By 1500, nobles were once again able to dominate European society Nobles held important political posts and served as advisers to the king Nobles were held to certain social standards that they had to follow The aim of a perfect noble was to serve his prince in an effective and honest way

6 Peasants Peasants consisted of 85%-90% of the European population
Serfdom decreased because of the decline Manorial System By the year 1500 peasants started becoming more free

7 Townspeople During the Renaissance, Townspeople made up around 10% of the social class Townspeople were divided into three groups, the patricians, the burghers, and the workers. The patricians were the highest out of the three, they had lots of wealth from trade, industry, and banking, which let them to rule their community. The Burghers were the middle class people, were shopkeepers, artisans, guild masters and guild members. the lower class were the workers, they either learned pitiful pay or were unemployed. They usually lived miserable lives.

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