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VC & CVC Stream: The Missing Piece

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2 VC & CVC Stream: The Missing Piece
Michael Dimelow VP Business Development, ARM

3 ARM Introduction Global leader in the development of semiconductor IP - R&D outsourcing Innovative business model yields high margins - license, royalties, technology reuse Long-term, secular growth markets Approximately 1000 licenses Growing by ~100 every year Over 330 potential royalty payers 8.7bn ARM-based chips in ‘12 ~25% CAGR over last 5 years

4 How many ARM’s Do You Have?
Volume Opportunity $1-2 $3-6 $10-15 >$25 Average Selling Price of a Semiconductor Chip

5 Strategic Investor: Semi & Software
Investment Goals: Direct involvement in ecosystem Window to technology Long-term group revenue Financial return Investment strategies: Actively expand ARM ecosystem Seed markets with ARM Technology Explore new business models Appropriate return

6 Example – Calxeda Inc Company Overview:
Developing server chips based on ARM technology Fabless semiconductor company ARM Ownership: Undisclosed Strategic Rationale for Investment: Establish presence in low power server chips Recent Events: Significant customer traction for ultra low power compute Closed $55 Million Funding Round Q4’2012 Engagements

7 Working with Financials
Actively seek co-investors that: Keep the company focused on the day job Have a history of building businesses Healthy debate with strategic’s for the benefit of the company Visibility of complementary deal flow Jointly qualify business model and technology fields Identify portfolio collaboration opportunities ARM is an active investor Where an investment continues to serve a strategic purpose

8 Thank you Contacts: or +44 77 1000 5575

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