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Turkey, Cyprus & The EU. Turkey & The EU Erdogan and the AKP.

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1 Turkey, Cyprus & The EU

2 Turkey & The EU

3 Erdogan and the AKP

4 Turkey & The EU

5 Issues for Accession Population NATO Kurdish Issue Economics Civil Military Relations Religion Gastarbeiter Cyprus Immigration to the EU

6 The Cyprus Conflict

7 Timeline 1878 Ottomans cede Cyprus to Britain for protection against Russia Enosis 1931 Uprising/Constitution Revoked 1946 Consultative Assembly/rtn of 31 exiles 1950 Michael Mouskos becomes Archbishop Makarios III

8 The Cyprus Conflict Archbishop Makarios III

9 The Cyprus Conflict 1954 Greece calls on UN to enforce self- determination for the people of Cyprus 1954 Britain & Turkey rejects call for enosis 1955 Open Rebellion/EOKA George Grivas leads guerrilla war against the British/TMT forms (Turk Mukavenet Teskilatu) 1960 (9 August) Cypriot Independence Treaty of Guarantee: Britain, Turkey & Greece

10 The Cyprus Conflict 1963 Makarios introduces new constitution which ensures dominance of Greek Cypriots Looting and destruction of Turkish villages creates enclaves and revival of TMT/ Fear of Turkish invasion, Makarios agrees to British intervention 1964 6500 UN Peacekeepers join British soldiers

11 The Cyprus Conflict 1964 National Guard formed by Greek Cypriot Government as deterrent to Turkish invasion/Grivas returns to command 1967 Military Coup in Athens/Makarios moves to nonalignment National Guard subverted by right-wing pro- enosis officers and splits with Makarios/EOKA B supported by Greek Junta

12 The Cyprus Conflict 1974 Grivas dies of heart attack. National Guard comes more under control of Athens Junta Makarios demands removal of 650 Greek officers in National Guard July 15 Reply comes in the form of coup led by EOKA gunman and convicted murderer Nicos Sampson Makarios narrowly escapes palace attack to London Failed London negotiations result in Turkish invasion on 20 July 1974

13 The Cyprus Conflict

14 The Invasion of Cyprus 1974 ► 15 July 1974 – The government of Archbishop Markarios overthrown by Nikos Sampson ► 17 July 1974 – Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit flys to London ► 20 July 1974 – Turkish forces invade northern Cyprus ► 21 July 1974 – The attack on destroyers Kocatepe, Adatepe, and F.V. Cakmak northwest of Cape Arnauti

15 The Cyprus Conflict Turkish Invasion of 1974

16 CDR Guven Erkaya

17 T.C.G. Kocatepe Ex-USS Harwood

18 T.C.G Kocatepe


20 Admiral Guven Erkaya 28 Feb 97

21 The Cyprus Conflict Defacto partition of Cyprus since 1974 – The”Atilla” Line

22 The Cyprus Conflict Annan Settlement and Referendum 2004 – Presidential council (6 members, 4 Greek, 2 Turks) – Bicameral legislature (upper house 24:24, Lower house proportional) – Supreme Court (Equal representation) – 65% Turkish approval – 73% Greek dissapproval

23 The Cyprus Conflict 2011 Istanbul 1974 TCG Kocatepe

24 The Turkish Military as the protector of The Turkish Secular Democracy

25 The Cyprus Conflict The Future?

26 The Cyprus Conflict

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