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Faith Christian School Alumni Profile

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1 Faith Christian School Alumni Profile
A Mind for Truth A Heart for Christ A Will to Serve

2 Selfless servant Exhibit fruit of the Spirit Reclaim culture for Christ Godly, servant leaders Lovers of learning Minds engaged in reading Searching for/pursuing Truth

3 Trivium-Based Graduates of 5th grade: sufficiency of knowledge
Graduates of 8th grade: sufficiency of logic Graduates of 12th grade: articulate; sufficiency/mastery of rhetorical skill; wisdom

4 Ability to recognize and create beauty
Pursuers of Truth, Beauty, & Goodness Exhibit goodness Engage the culture from a biblical & Christian worldview Think logically and critically

5 Articulate apologists for their faith; ownership of a sincere and true faith
Cultural leaders Not aimless; participate in society as thoughtful, directed Christian citizens; purposeful Easily engage adults; honor & respect authority

6 Winsome personality Develop a love for God’s Word School vision statement (mind for truth, heart for Christ, will to serve) embodied & embraced Image-bearers of Christ Humility (caution: pride) See faculty profile for alumni profile

7 Faith Christian School vs. Secular Schools
Faith Christian School Secular Schools God as the final authority Self as final authority Biblical worldview Naturalistic worldview Original & complete documents Textbook emphasis emphasis Education for foundation Education for information Critical thinking—why? Correct procedures—how? Pursuing Truth, Beauty, Goodness Pursuing facts without a framework

8 Faith Christian School Secular Schools
Trivium—grammar, logic, rhetoric Pragmatism—what works Integrated interdisciplinary Fragmented & disjointed learning Appreciation for Western Civ Focus on critique of Western civilization Latin as core requirement Latin as elective/techno- rational emphasis Learning how to learn Learning how to pass tests

9 Faith Christian School Secular Schools
Mastery to one’s potential Mastery as measured by grades Lifelong learning as the ultimate Graduation as the ultimate goal goal Ultimate Truth taught as Ultimate Truth taught as objective, knowable, absolute subjective, unknowable, relative Becoming like Jesus to serve Self-actualization to achieve others & His Kingdom personal peace/affluence

10 Faith Christian School Secular Schools
Parents as educating partners School system as the primary educator

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