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Modern Islam vs. Traditional Islam Day 1 – Traditional Life in Islamic Nations.

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1 Modern Islam vs. Traditional Islam Day 1 – Traditional Life in Islamic Nations

2 Table of Contents – SW Asia DateTitleLesson # 2/3Immigration39 **SW Asia** 2/9Cover Page40 2/10Chokepoints41 2/11Religion42 2/13Traditional Islam43

3 Secular Law Secular Law - laws that have no religious connection or influence EXAMPLE: US

4 Some countries in SW Asia have Islamic law instead of secular law. READ ONLY

5 CREATE THIS CHART Traditional Islamic Society Modern Islamic Society INTRO 1. 2. 3. Role of Women: 1. 2. 3. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN HERE UNTIL MONDAY

6 Economic Development or Traditional Values? Modern Islamic Nations in SW Asia have a major decision… READ ONLY

7 Traditional Southwest Asia - INTRO 1. Islamic Law - Islam rules all aspects of society. 2. Religion controls government and economy (Religion is part of EVERYTHING) 3. Government = a Theocracy based on the … - The holy book of Islam

8 Traditional Role of Women: 1. Must wear headscarf and be veiled. 2. Housewives  Life devoted to husband and raising children. 3. FEW rights:  NO driving  NO jobs in a professional workplace  NO flirting/talking to men other than their husbands

9 Iran Analysis Directions: Create a list of elements of traditional Islamic culture in Iran that you observe during the clip. You must have at least five. Copy the setup below on your chart… Iran Clip: Elements of Islamic Culture in Iran: - Sketch three of the five examples that you listed.

10 Islamic Law – Characteristics 1. Criminal laws based on the Qu’ran 2. Must follow religious guidelines for prayers, fasting, and giving $$ to the poor 3. Must follow SOCIAL guidelines for personal hygiene, diet, sexual conduct, and raising children 4. Economic laws also based on the Qu’ran –NO women in advertising –NO US corporations –Must give to charities

11 Religious Law vs. Secular Law Islamic Law = Secular Law = decides the law Task  Create a list explaining how a day at school be different living under Islamic religious law.

12 Frayer Model – Secular Law Definition: Non-Example of a Country: Example of a Country:

13 Traditional Southwest Asia – Economy Based on primary activities like fishing and agriculture Stock market, debt, and interest are seen as a form of gambling Traditional market selling agricultural products

14 Period 3 – To do list 1. Go to 2. Access the powerpoint on the wiki called “Traditional” 3. Complete the traditional side of the graphic organizer. 4. Have the laptop put away and be back in your regular seat when the timer GOES OFF, so put your laptop away around 1:30 remaining on the timer.

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