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The Renaissance.

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1 The Renaissance

2 Why start in Italy? City States- strong trade
Wealthy merchants- Medici Family Patrons of the Arts-$$$$$$$$$$$$ Classical Heritage Greece & Rome

3 Humanism Human potential and Achievements
History, Literature and Philosophy

4 Secular Worldly and concerned with the here and now

5 “Renaissance Man” Excelled in many fields of study
“The Courtier”- young man should be charming, witty and well educated in classics Women- know classics and be charming No power or fame

6 Renaissance Art Donatello Masaccio Leonardo da Vinci Raphael Petrarch
Machiavelli Michelangelo Dante Vernacular- native language Perspective- 3-D

7 Which family is considered as a Patron of the Arts?
Masaccio Family Medici Family Da Vinci Family Response Grid

8 What word means “worldly and concerned with the here and now?”
Secular Humanism Hellenistic Response Grid

9 The term “Renaissance Man” is someone who does what?
Masters few skills such as math, reading, and writing Excels in only painting Excels in many areas of study ranging from subjects such as science to art Response Grid

10 True or False: Vernacular is the use of native language.
Response Grid

11 True or False: The perspective of Renaissance Art is in 2-D.
Response Grid

12 The Northern Renaissance
Elizabethan Age

13 Recovering from the Plague
1450 CE- recovering from plague Northern Kings Purchase art from Italy Christian values replace secular

14 Artists Germany- Albrecht Durer
Religious subjects on woodcuts Flemish artists- Pieter Bruegel & Jan van Eyck Oil painting spread from here to Italy

15 Writers Christian Humanists: Shakespeare Elizabethan Age
Desiderius Erasmus & Thomas Moore Good in people Shakespeare Playwright Elizabethan Age Queen Elizabeth I

16 Printing Press The Gutenberg Press The Gutenberg Bible 1455
First full sized book printed with movable type Spreads learning

17 Reformation

18 What caused the Reformation?
Reformation- religious reform movement Causes: Corrupt leaders- money and wars Uneducated priests & monks Renaissance belief in secular ideas

19 Martin Luther 1517 took stand against Tetzel 95 Theses
Selling indulgences 95 Theses Wittenburg Church Door God’s forgiveness, power of bible, all people equal

20 Edict of Worms Emperor Charles declares Luther a heretic Lutherans
No one could feed or shelter him Prince Fredrick the Wise protects him Lutherans Protestant Religions War of Religions Peace of Augsburg

21 Henry VIII Annul marriage between he and Catherine
Pope denied Banned Pope’s authority in England Married Anne Boleyn Children: Edward VI rules six years & Protestant Mary I is Catholic Elizabeth I restores Protestant religion

22 What values replaced secular values?
Christian Islamic Jewish Response Grid

23 True or False: Trends such as oil painting and woodcuts became popular during this time.
Response Grid

24 True or False: Christian Humanists focused on the bad in people.
Response Grid

25 True or False: The Gutenberg Press printed the first full sized book with movable type and helped to spread learning. True False Response Grid

26 Who posted the 95 Theses on the Church door?
Jan Hus Thomas Moore Martin Luther Response Grid

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