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2 The Leader’s Challenge

3 Henry Blackaby “The world is disoriented to what makes a truly successful leader…There are dimensions to spiritual leadership not present in secular leadership.”

4 The Leader’s Challenge The twenty-first century provides unprecedented opportunities for leaders to impact positively their organizations

5 The Leader’s Challenge Gordon Sullivan and Michael Harper have suggested that the defining characteristic of the Information Age is not speed, but the “compression of time.” There is less time for leaders to respond to events than there used to be.

6 The Leaders’ Challenge “Except for the financially desperate, people do not work for money alone. What also fuels their passion for work is a larger sense of purpose or passion. Given the opportunity, people gravitate to what gives them meaning, to what engages to the fullest their commitment, talent, energy and skill.”

7 The Leader’s Challenge The acceptance of secular approaches by Christian leaders can be observed in numerous places. – Mission Statements vs. Fellowship – Marketing vs. Relationships – CEO vs. Shepherd

8 The Leader’s Challenge The trend among many Christian leaders has been for an almost indiscriminate and uncritical acceptance of secular leadership theory without measuring it against the timeless precepts of Scripture

9 The Leader’s Challenge The willingness of God’s people to barter their spiritual birthright for the benefit of contemporary secular thinking is not unique to this generation

10 The Leader’s Challenge Rather than follow Samuel’s leadership and trusting God to win their battles, to direct their economy and to establish laws for their land, the Israelites wanted to be just like all the other nations with a king who would do this for them

11 The Leader’s Challenge The world measured a kingdom’s success by its grand palaces and magnificent armies

12 The Leader’s Challenge The problem with the Israelites assumption that spiritual concerns, such as righteous living and obedience to God, belonged in the religious realm while practical issues of doing battle with enemies, strengthening the economy and unifying the country were secular matters


14 The Leader’s Challenge The kingdom of God is, in fact, the rule of God in every area of life, including the church, home, workplace and neighborhood.

15 The Leader’s Challenge One’s calling as a Christian not only takes precedence over his or her career, it actually gives direction to that career. Moreover, a Christian’s calling will give meaning to every area of life

16 The Leader’s Challenge Spiritual Leadership is not restricted to pastors and missionaries. It is the responsibility of all Christians whom God wants to use to make a difference in their world

17 Concepts for Consideration Claiming to be a leader does not make one a leader Society longs for statesmen, but only get politicians People seek places of employment not just for money, but corporate values that match their personal values

18 Concepts for Consideration In a time of renewed interest in religion, churches and denominations are declining Christian leadership and Secular leadership are not the same Concurrent with the church’s discovery of popular leadership axioms, secular writers have been discovering the timeless truths of Christianity

19 Concepts for Consideration The Israelites clamored for a leader who would lead them by worldly principles. God gave them one, and the results were disastrous Christian leaders who know God and who know how to lead in a Christian manner will be more effective in their world than even the most skilled or qualified individual who leads without God


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