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New England: New World, New Promise… Presented by: Miranda Pelletier and Abigail Prince.

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2 New England: New World, New Promise… Presented by: Miranda Pelletier and Abigail Prince

3 Group Desert Wiki Advertisement Project American Literature September 2010

4 Are you ready to make some positive changes in your life?

5 Introducing Captain John Smith, the man that will change your life… Captain John Smith

6 CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH, EXPLORER 1580-1631 A portrait of Captain John SmithPart of John Smith’s map of Virginia, 1626 Map of John Smith’s exploration Routes

7 Welcome to America You will live a happy, healthy, peaceful life in America! Trust the man that has changed his life drastically- changing his fate from shopkeeper to captain, explorer, and adventurer. He knows the power that the New World can have in transforming your life, and urges you to make the journey to America today! Caption: Captain John Smith in the New WorldSmith

8 John Smith’s Philosophy on America Keep exploring to read about why John Smith wants you to improve your life by coming to America today!

9 If you think you are happy and satisfied here in England, it’s only because you don’t know what you’re missing. “And lest any should think the toil might be insupportable, though these things may be had by labor, and diligence: I assure myself there are [those] who delight extremely in vain pleasure, that take much more pains in England, to enjoy it, than I should do here to gain wealth sufficient: and yet I think they should not have half such sweet content: for, our pleasure here is still gains.” (pg. 56) -John Smith A map of John Smith ’ s exploration Routes in 1607-1609map SailSail to America and enjoy the life you deserve The moment you touch the shores of America you’ll know you made the right choicemoment

10 The beauty of our land is a tangible and unchanging presence- the scenery is gorgeous- a calming and wonderful sight to behold. Any who come, will be in awe of ‘America the Beautiful,’ a fine place to work, a fine place to make a life. “ And what sport doth yield a more pleasing content, and less hurt or charge than angling with a hook, and crossing the sweet air from isle to isle over the silent streams of a clam sea wherein the most curious may find pleasure, profit, and content.” (page 56) -John Smith Crooked RiverCrooked River, Wareham Massachusetts VermontVermont, New England BeachBeach in Southern California

11 Enjoy being free to choose the occupation that suits you best! A job you perform well and love to do! Arrange your days here; your home, work, and education to meet your personal needs! “What pleasure can be more, than in planting vines, fruits, or herbs, in contriving their own grounds, to the pleasure of their own minds…” (page 56) -John Smith HappyHappy woman in America tending to her home

12 Feel guided, safe, and secure as you make a journey to this country! Know that despite any challenges along the way, your needs will be met! Feel free and protected, as you’ve deserved for so long! “…by their labor may live exceedingly well: provided always first there be a sufficient power to command them, houses to receive them, means to defend them, and meet provisions for them;…” (page 57) -John Smith Portrait of Captain John Smith Part of Captain John Smith’s map of Virginia,map of Virginia Published in 1624 Piscataqua River Image courtesy of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library

13 Spend more time doing the things in life that make you happy like raising your family, exploring nature, and relaxing. In America you will enjoy the luxury of working only three days a week to secure more money than you will ever need to spend! “If a man work but three days in seven, he may get more than he can spend, unless he will be excessive.” (pg. 56) -John Smith Family Family spending time together

14 Fishing is just one example of a job that is flourishing in America. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do- you will be successful in America! “Thus, though all men be not fishers: yet all men, whatsoever, may in other matters do as well.” (pg. 56) -John Smith New England Fishing Village by artist Kate Eller Sunset at ‘ Dead Duck ’ (Eliot Boat Launch) Taken by Abby Prince, Summer 2010 Spring Flowers in Maine Taken by Abby Prince, Spring 2010

15 Check out this video of Acadia National Park, Maine Acadia National Park Just another reason why America is right for everyone!

16 “The New World” “The New World” - Trailer, 2007

17 Check out this video about Captain John Smith Captain John Smith

18 Try a Sample of American Music ~ Today’s MUSIC OF FREEDOM ~ “My Country Tis of Thee” 2008 “Freedom” Akon, 2009 “Freedom” David Gray, 2007 “Star Spangled Banner” – Instrumental, 2010

19 Are you ready to make a change… today? Call Miranda & Abigail to book your relocation to America now! Life is short! get the most out of it for you and your family by calling today! 1-800-AMERICA

20 For More Information… Keep Clicking to Check Out Additional Information!

21 Fact Sheet: Benefits of Moving to America

22 Fowles’ Appeals Appeals used throughout presentation: “A prominent American trait, it is one that advertisers like to hook on to because it identifies their product with winning and success.” (from #6: Need to Achieve) “The focus here is upon the independence and integrity of the individual; this need is the antithesis of the need for guidance and is unlike any of the social needs.” (from #10: Need for Autonomy) “An appeal to the need for autonomy often co-occurs with one for the need to escape, since the desire to duck out of our social obligations, to seek rest or adventure, frequently takes the form of one-person flight.” (from #11: Need to Escape) “We take precautions to diminish future threats.” (from #12: Need to Feel Safe) “Many advertisement in a question-and-answer format is strumming this need.” (from #14: Need to Satisfy Curiosity)

23 Excerpts from Fowles’ Appeals that can be Related to Smith’s Manuscript

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