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Pity, O God Our Father Human CLONING Shiqouts versus Elohim.

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2 Pity, O God Our Father Human CLONING Shiqouts versus Elohim

3 Pity for all the human race

4 Pity for we have decided against You… the Supreme Transgression

5 The Abomination against You, our Creator, in the Sanctuary of our original body

6 Pity, my God, for those who abominate You ! Forgive us ! We no longer know what we do !

7 Pity, my God, for the scandal of the world ! Deliver us from the spirit of Satan!

8 Pity, my God, for those who flee from You everywhere !

9 Grant us the taste of the fruits of the Sacraments

10 Pity, my God, for those who come to repent …

11 … and beg Your forgiveness !

12 … at the foot of Your Glorious Cross … Glory of Jesus Crucified

13 Help us find Light

14 Peace

15 Grace

16 Comfort

17 …. in the Holy Spirit !

18 Pity, my God! May Your Kingdom come …

19 Save us !

20 For there is still time

21 Behold! the Time is near

22 The Hour has come !


24 Come Lord Jesus !

25 „ Yes, Behold I am coming ! “

26 Come, shed on the whole world

27 … the treasures of Your infinite Mercy

28 To our Supreme Transgression

29 … Open the gates to the Source of your Heavenly Mercy

30 Human clonation opened the Days of « the Supreme Transgression » (Cdl. P.Barbarin, Primate of France) John-Paul II as Benedict XVI : « by virtue of the substantial unity of body and spirit, the human genome … is the bearer of an anthropological dignity that is founded upon the spiritual soul WHICH IMPREGNATES IT AND VITALIZES IT ” (24/2/1998) Hence the first genome indicates the very moment of creation of this spiritual soul by God. Opposition :NO! We can decide in the name of “ liberty ” ! Creation of soul would certainly happen later, wouldn ’ t it ? !! Scandal of the world: why ? Human Cloning opens the possibility to abominate the Creator in the Sanctuary where He creates us: the original body of man. Humanity doesn ’ t hesitate to discard that very special, living and sacred Presence of God, immediate in time, in the very instant where He gives LIFE by creating the spiritual soul in man. That “ Abomination of desolation ” ( “ Shiqoutsim Meshomem ” ) surpasses in gravity all other faults, as the angel Gabriel announced to the prophet Daniel (9.27) Then … RISE UP AND CRY IT FROM THE HOUSETOPS: at least with that prayer of World repentance! Philosophical and biblical details in:

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