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Dewey Decimal System Presentation by Kim Sciandra Summer 2010.

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1 Dewey Decimal System Presentation by Kim Sciandra Summer 2010

2 This presentation is designed to introduce fifth grade students to the Dewey Decimal System. By teaching students how to utilize the Dewey Decimal System to locate books on different subjects this presentation supports the “Reading Across the Curriculum” standard. This presentation also recommends books that can assist students with mastering several Georgia Standards from various subjects.

3 Dewey Decimal System Organize library books Easy to use Helps you find a book (Microsoft Office Online, 2010)

4 Librarian Great Organizer Dewey System used by libraries all over the world (Mimi’s Motifs, 2010)

5 Books assigned Call Numbers based on subjects Call Numbers placed on Book Spine Books placed on shelf in Call Number order

6 BOOK SPINE CALL NUMBERS Number order 250 AIE 375 DIT 525 IEP 750 SEP 920 TIE (Microsoft Office Online, 2010)

7 Dewey asked questions Answers to questions = subjects 10 questions = 10 main subjects (Jefferson County Library District, 2010) Eureka!

8 Philosophy and Psychology 100 – 199 Ideas and feelings people have Aliens and ghosts have feelings, too!

9 133.1 COH 158 TES 152.4 Ali (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010)

10 Religion 200 – 299 All religions, churches Greek and Roman mythology

11 291 BRO 292 LOW (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010)

12 Social Sciences 300 – 399 Thinking about other people Government, Folktales, Scary Stories

13 398 GIB 342.7308 HAM Book Review (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010)

14 Languages 400 – 499 Languages from around the world (Microsoft Office Online, 2010)

15 468.6 COL 423 GRI 423.1 BOL (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010)

16 Science 500 – 599 Nature, animals, weather, space

17 507 VEC 550 GIB Book Review (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010) 520 OSB

18 Applied Science 600 – 699 How things work Cars, Pets, Computers Building, Cooking, Fixing

19 609 CLE 629.04 BOS Book Review (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010) 636.7 GEO Book Review

20 Arts and Recreation 700 – 799 How to have fun Drawing, Magic Tricks Sports and Games

21 794.8 CUN 743.6 MAY (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010) 796 SMI

22 Literature 800 – 899 Story telling Riddles and Jokes Poems and Classic Books

23 812 BUR 811 KID (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010) 818 PEL

24 History and Geography 900 – 999 History Other places Famous People

25 973 YAC 979.1 TRU (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010) 973.7 MCP

26 Generalities 000 – 099 Books of Facts Encyclopedias Almanacs 001.9 FAC 031.02 WOR (Sawnee Elementary School, 2010)

27 000 – Generalities 100 - Philosophy and Psychology 200 – Religion 300 - Social Sciences 400 – Languages 500 – Science 600 - Applied Science 700 - Arts and Recreation 800 – Literature 900 - History and Geography Classification ChartPractice Worksheet

28 “If it weren't for Melvil Dewey, finding the books you want in the library might be as frustrating as looking for a needle in a haystack. His invention, called the Dewey Decimal System, brought much- needed order to libraries.” ~ Valerie Guarini

29 Dewey Games Call Number Ordering Tutorial and Game Huey and Louie Meet Dewey Lesson Plan with Handouts Dewey Decimal Game Lesson Plan and Instructions

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