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United Arab Emirates By: Sarah Ashley.

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1 United Arab Emirates By: Sarah Ashley

2 Slide 2 – Map The United Arab Emirates is slightly smaller than Maine

3 Slide 3 – Flag White - peace and honesty
Red – hardiness, bravery, strength and valor Green – hope, joy and love (sacred significance in many cultures) Black – the Defeat of enemies or determination

4 Slide 4 – Natural Resources
Petroleum oil natural gas fisheries & pearls

5 Slide 5 – Bar Graph (Religion)
Sunni = 90% Shia = 10%

6 Slide 6 – Bar Graph (Life Expectancy)

7 Slide 7 – Bar Graph (Literacy Rate)

8 Slide 8 – Bar Graph (GDP – Per Person)

9 Slide 9 – Travel Concerns
People traveling to the United Arab Emirates should be aware of hijacking, kidnapping, and bombings.

10 Slide 10 – Special Circumstances
UAE sometimes confiscates US passports. Travelers are sentanced to jail for kissing in public. Travelers wearing regular clothing may get unwanted attention which can lead to problems with the citizens of the UAE.

11 Slide 11 – Tourist Site #1 The UAE is home to many waterparks, theme parks, and other places made for adventurous people. Aquaventure Dubai is located in down-town Dubai, UAE. It has many fun water rides and slides but also has a relaxing and peaceful setting for adults.

12 Slide 12 – Tourist Site #2 The Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It has a spectacular view of the island and on the top floor it has a outdoor observation deck which features the Behold Telescope so visitors can see what the view looks like at different times or weather conditions.

13 Slide 13 – Tourist Site #3 The White Fort (Al Hosn Palace) in located in Abu Dubai, UAE. The White Fort is the oldest building in the city it was built in 1973 and is home to the current ruling family

14 Slide 14 – Impressions You cannot access certain internet sites like Facebook or MySpace because they are banned by the government The UAE will not allow retired people to stay in the country. Once they retire they have to go back to the country they came from. About 88% of the UAE’s population live in cities (urban)

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