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Distinguishing Four Particles— Up, Out, Off, Down.

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2 Distinguishing Four Particles— Up, Out, Off, Down

3  Now we will learn the meanings of up, off, out, down and their examples in phrasal verbs.  See how those particles affect the meaning of some phrasal verbs.

4  It usually means “completely”, which is used to describe an action.  It is also used to mean “create”- a new thing or new idea.

5 Meanings of Up & Examples: Completely:  Blow up 爆炸  Tear up 撕碎  Break up 打碎  Chew up 嚼碎  Burn up 燒光 Create, …起:…起:  Make up 捏造  Think up 想出  Put up 建造  Stir up 引起

6  It means that the function of something is different from the way it used to be.  It also means showing people sth. Or discovering some new things unknown before.

7 Out--- Meanings & Examples: 脫離 …  Break out 爆發  Blow out 爆裂  Wear out 穿破  Burn out 斷電 … 出, 發現  Point out 指出  Pick out 撿出  Figure out, Find out 發現

8 Quiz : Remember: Stick up 豎起 Stick out 伸出  1.It seems that Peter just got up, for his back hair.  2.Don't stick your tongue of your mouth; it's impolite. stick up out

9  It is often used to describe the condition of something that is going to separate into maybe two parts.  It also concerns about the action of leaving.

10 Meanings of Off & Examples: …斷:…斷:  Blow off 吹掉  Tear off 撕斷  Chew off 嚼斷 Leave:  See off 送行  Take off 起飛  Lay off 解雇  Keep off 遠離

11 Contrast: UpOutDown Clean up 清潔環境 Clean out 清出倒出 Clean off 清理附著物 Sweep up 清掃乾淨 Sweep out 打掃掉 Sweep off 掃除附著 Cut up 切碎 Cut out 切除 Cut off 切斷

12 Quiz Time: 1.The maid will clean the room before the guests arrive. 2.He spent a whole day cleaning the posters on the wall. 3.We need to clean that closet so that we can store things up off out

13 It is used to describe something broken, referring to something "big", such as, buildings, fence, or cars. It is also used to illustrate something decreasing its power, for example: typhoon, or the speed of a car.

14 Meanings & Examples of Down: … 毀, ( 通常指大物件 )  Blow down 吹倒  Tear down 拆除 Burn down 燒毀  Break down 拋錨  Wear down 磨損 降低,… 下 :  Slow down 減速  Turn down 減低音量  Take down 取下  Lie down 躺下

15 Test Your Memory 1.The airplane blew suddenly. 2.The roof of the house was blown during the storm. 3.One of our tires blew on our trip to Teisan. 4.The wind blew the woody house. up out down off

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