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Frenship Substitute Orientation Yearly Review…

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1 Frenship Substitute Orientation Yearly Review…
Thank you for serving our students and for providing valuable instruction. Substitute teachers allow us to operate when our teachers can not be present. We appreciate you!!!

2 Frenship Expectations….
We want subs that are committed to serving our students and that are dependable. We have high expectations for our students and do not expect this to change because a sub is in the classroom. Our expectation is that you will sub at least 5 times per month. We will run a report every THREE months to determine who is actively subbing in Frenship ISD. If you are not consistently picking up jobs, we will remove you from the Frenship substitute list. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Vicky Welch at If two or more principals request for you to not sub at their campus, we will contact you and remove you from the sub list. Once you are removed, you will no longer be eligible to sub at Frenship.

3 Fingerprint requirements…
All subs will be required to be fingerprinted per Senate Bill 9 Subs will be notified when they sign up to sub that they are required to be fingerprinted. HR will print FAST passes for non-certified subs. If fingerprints are taken at an area district, you will not need to repeat the fingerprint process Subs will be responsible for paying their fingerprint fees which will be $52.20/certified or $50.20 / non-certified Frenship will have you sign a permission form to run a Criminal Background Check with Safeschool. Applicants must report any criminal history that might appear on either report. Failure to report criminal history is grounds for Frenship to not allow you to sub in the district.

4 Sexual Harassment General Guidelines:
If you feel someone is harassing you, it is your responsibility to tell that person that they are making you feel uncomfortable. If the harassment does not stop at this point, then it is your responsibility to report the harassment to a supervisor. Don’t say anything that you would not want printed in the newspaper or broadcast on TV. Don’t say or do anything you would not want your significant other to know that you said or did. Don’t say or do anything you would not say or do in front of the other person’s significant other – or parent. Be cautious – things that you think are funny or innocent may not seem that way to another person. Be careful of all words and actions!

5 -Sexual Harassment- STOP
With regard to Employee-to-Student, the behavior is ALWAYS forbidden regardless of whether the student “welcomes” the conduct. STOP DHC ( Local) defines sexual harassment of students by staff to include “welcome or unwelcome advances.”

6 “In the EYE of the beholder . . .”
-Sexual Harassment- “In the EYE of the beholder . . .” While there are similarities between HARASSMENT and FLIRTING, there is one BIG difference: How the receiving person FEELS as a result of the sending person’s behavior (Harassment is truly in the eyes of the beholder.) NOTE: The law is concerned with the IMPACT of the behavior, not the INTENT.

7 Purpose of Reporting Child Abuse
The purpose of child abuse reporting legislation is to protect the best interests of children, offer protective services to prevent harm to children, stabilize the home environment, preserve family life whenever possible, and encourage cooperation in dealing with the problem of child abuse. It is important for you recognize the indicators of sexual abuse victims. By reporting suspicion, it may be the child’s only opportunity to tell.

8 How To Report… Talk to the Administration at the campus. They may have additional information that they may or may not be able to share with you. Two Ways to Report Abuse: Call the Abuse Hotline toll-free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nationwide. Make your report through a secure web site and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

9 Electronic Media School district employees will be held responsible for personal and/or school use of electronic media. Use caution when posting words and/or pictures. These are PUBLIC sites. It is not a good idea to “befriend” students or parents on Facebook or other social networks. The employee continues to be subject to applicable state and federal laws, local policies, administrative regulations and the Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators. The employee may not set up or update the employee’s personal social network page (s) using the district’s computers, network, or equipment. Best Practice – Remember that you represent Frenship and employees are responsible for their public conduct even when they are not acting as district employees.

10 DISCIPLINE Be sure to introduce yourself and tell something interesting about you. Lay out your expectations – but empower the students. Only send to office after fair warning. . Teachers in locale will assist you as needed.

11 MISBEHAVIOR is… Your ability to teach and conduct class
Anything a student does that interferes with… Your ability to teach and conduct class His/her ability to learn Others’ ability to learn

12 Suggestions… Be sure to locate the School wide Discipline plan if available. Ask a coworker about discipline procedures. Set expectations for behavior early but remember that students will test the limits. Students are watching for your reaction to ALL behaviors – Calm is BEST!!

13 Praise in Public Criticize In Private!!

Ignore the behavior if at all possible. If it stops – great! Make eye contact with the person. It says, “I see you; stop it.” Use proximity. Move to his/her area. Drop his/her name in the lesson. “Did you know, John, that India has…” Stop teaching and remind student of the rule. “Jill, you are supposed to be doing what?” Wait. “Do that now.” Pause for student to correct behavior. Respond, “thank you,” or assign consequences.

15 Things to do… Four F's Be sure to work to complete lesson
Plans as designed by the teacher . Firm Fair Friendly Focused Four F's Hold each student accountable for his/her choices!

16 High School - Latin, AP Chemistry, Welding…Please consider subbing in these classes. You are usually not required to “teach” but more to monitor when in specialty type classes. Plans will be specific and often students are self directed or assist with the instruction.

17 Special Education Classes….
Subbing in these classes will be so rewarding!! You will have assistants that are familiar with the students and their routines.

18 Reese Alternative Campus – A SAFE Zone to sub!!
Programs at Reese: The STAR program DAEP (discipline program) WINGS (credit recovery) Teenage Pregnancy / Daycare

19 District Emergency Response Information:
Be sure to locate EXIT doors in case of evacuation. Check for Fire and Weather maps in the classroom. Locate the room that you will take students in case of Severe Weather. Do not use your cell phone to contact persons outside of school during an emergency situation. The administration will be in contact and will make any announcements.

20 Emergency Codes… Evacuation - Evacuate the building
Fire, Chemical leak or spill, power outages, other…  Low Level Lockdown – (lock the classroom door, keep students in the class and continue to teach) Demonstrations/disorders, suspicious person in the building or other reasons designated by the Administration

21 High Level Lockdown – (lock classroom door, turn off lights, take cover away from the door preferably in a closet, and be very quiet) Intruder or dangerous person in the building, etc. Severe Weather Emergency – (move to inside room and have students “duck and cover”. Tornado, high winds…

22 **Each classroom should have a District Emergency Response Checklist**
Low level lockdown Bomb Threat (Do not touch the package and do not use a cell phone) Bomb threat, suspicious package or envelope… **Each classroom should have a District Emergency Response Checklist**

23 Respect Fairness Good Citizenship Caring Responsible Trustworthy
At Frenship, we focus on CHARACTER EDUCATION… Respect Fairness Good Citizenship Caring Responsible Trustworthy Success depends more on a child’s heart than his head. Use these words – Our students know them!!

24 Things You Should Know…
Attendance sheet will probably be given to you – ask when you check in at the office Each teacher should leave a sub folder or sub plans for the day. If not, check with a neighboring teacher Lunch is usually 30 minutes so it is best to pack a lunch or buy a lunch and not leave the campus. If you leave the campus, you must check out at the office.


26 Dress Code… Casual / Business Attire
Friday - Jeans with spirit t-shirt and/or collared shirt Shoes should be comfortable and appropriate Name tags should be worn at all times Facial hair for males is limited to mustaches, goatee, or neatly trimmed beards. Sideburns cannot be longer than the ear lobe

27 LOCATIONS OF CAMPUSES Elementary Campuses: Bennett Crestview
Reese Elementary Campuses: Bennett Crestview North Ridge Oak Ridge Westwind Willow Bend Middle School Campuses: Heritage Middle School Frenship Middle School Terra Vista Middle School Frenship High School Reese Education Center

Call for SUBFINDER MUST ACTIVATE BY: Recording name and entering PIN# It will not call BEFORE 5:00 AM or AFTER 9:00 PM Order of calling preferences: Certified Teachers College Graduates 60 Hours or more Less than 60 College Hours High School Diploma






34 Sub Information: Pay per day is: $70.00 / professional
$65.00 / paraprofessional $75.00 / long term $85.00 / long term in assessment grade or subject Pay day is one time per month on or around the 21st of the month. Cut off date for payroll is the last Friday of the prior month. Full day is 7.5 hours and half day is 4 hours or less. You can check for school starting and ending times. Be sure to sign in and sign out at the office. This is how you get paid. If you are called for a job and it is a mistake, you must stay at the school and work in order to be paid. Be sure to look closely at the dates listed for the position. If it is a multiple day job, please do not pick up the job unless you can cover all of the days.

35 Affordable Care Act Frenship ISD look back period is 6 months.
Frenship ISD stabilization period is 6 months. If a substitute teacher works an average of 30 hours per week or 130 hours per month for 6 consecutive months, he/she will be offered/eligible for health insurance from Frenship ISD. If a sub is eligible and chooses FISD insurance, the district will monitor hours worked for the next 6 months. Sub must continue to be actively employed by FISD and meet the 30 hours/130 hour requirement to remain eligible. If a sub is not eligible at the end of the 6 month stabilization period, insurance coverage will terminate and FISD will offer COBRA coverage.

36 Call Krystle Ybarra 866-9545 or email –
PROBLEMS? QUESTIONS? Call Krystle Ybarra or –

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