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Writing a “Hook” Sentence

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1 Writing a “Hook” Sentence

2 Writing a “Hook” Sentence
A “hook” is the first sentence of the introduction paragraph in an essay. It should grab the reader and “reel” them in without giving away too much about the story! There are many different ways to write a hook sentence.

3 Ba-da-bing Hook! A ba-da-bing hook sentence tells the reader where the author was during the story, how the author felt, and some things the author saw or smelled or heard around them in that moment. Example: As I tip toed down the hall, I saw the hall closet door. “Could my presents be hidden in there?” I wondered. Ask Mrs. Witt how she felt and what kinds of things were around her at karaoke night, where was she? What was she looking at? Who was with her? Ms. Witt’s Example: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4 Question Hook? A question hook is exactly how it sounds, the first sentence of the first paragraph begins with a question! Example: Have you ever wanted something you knew was bad for you? What kind of question can we begin Ms. Witt’s karaoke narrative about? Ms. Witt’s Example: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

5 ‘Live in my Memory’ Hook
This type of hook begins a story with the memory itself..what the story is actually about. Example: The day I got to fly through the trees is a day that will live in my memory forever. Think of a ‘Live in my Memory’ Hook for Ms. Witt’s story! Ms. Witt’s Example: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

6 Talking Hook This kind of hook begins an introduction paragraph with dialogue. Example: “Woo hoo!” I cheered as I accomplished the one goal I’d set for myself this season. Pretend one of Ms. Witt’s cousins is saying something exciting to her while singing during karaoke night, what are they saying? Ms. Witt’s Example: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

7 I Never Expected Hook This kind of hook sentence is when you tell the reader what you were planning to do during the story and then mention something that you never expected to happen during that. Example: When we loaded into the car to head out for our summer vacation, I never expected to have the time of my life, but I did! What did Ms. Witt never expect to happen on Karaoke night? Ms. Witt’s Example: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

8 Sound Effect Hook This is when the story begins with a sound effect, usually telling the reader what you heard during your small moment. Example: SPLASH! I heard the sound, and nothing else around me at all.. What did Ms. Witt hear on karaoke night? Ms. Witt’s Example: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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