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Bikini Bottom Experiments

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1 Bikini Bottom Experiments
Scientific Method

2 Flower Power Sponge Bob loves to garden & wants to grow pink flowers for his friend, Sandy. He bought a special fertilizer called Flower Power to see if it would help his plants produce more flowers. He plants: 2 plants Same size Separate containers Same amount of potting soil 1 plant in a sunny window (watered everyday with fertilized water) 1 plant on a shelf in a closet (waters with plain water)

3 Flower power What did Sponge Bob do wrong in this experiment?
What should he do to test the effectiveness of Flower Power fertilizer? Write an experiment.

4 Super Snails Gary is not the smartest snail in Bikini Bottom, but he thinks he can improve his brain power by eating Super Snail Snacks. Gary recruits Sponge Bob and several snail friends to help him with an experiment. The snails ate 1 snack with each meal every day for 3 weeks. Sponge Bob made a test and gave it to the snails before they started eating the snacks and then again after the 3 weeks was over.

5 Super Snail results Test Results Snail Before After Gary 64% 80% Larry
78% Barry 82% 84% Terry 72% 70%

6 Super snails Based on the data, do the Super Snail Snacks work?
What should Gary and Sponge Bob do next?

7 Bubble Time Patrick loves bubble gum.
He wants to be able to blow the biggest bubbles. He is going to enter the Bikini Bottom Big Bubble Contest. He will practice with 5 different brands of bubble gum. We are going to perform an experiment to help him decide which type of bubble gum would be the best.

8 Scientific Method Purpose/Problem Research Hypothesis Experiment

9 Number of bubbles blown
REsults Brand of Bubble Gum Number of bubbles blown Types of bubbles blown

10 Scientific method Analysis Conclusion

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