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Little Red Riding Hood Sarah Jaggie’s Children’s book.

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2 Little Red Riding Hood Sarah Jaggie’s Children’s book

3 Little Red Riding Hood was riding on her bike through the gorgeous scenery in the magical forest. She was extremely frightened yet brave for doing this. She heard about all the creepy, nasty, atrocious animals that wait for young and healthy kids to pray upon and take their lunch money, but she is visiting her grandmother who is terribly ill.

4 The wolf was hiding behind some bushes waiting silently and patiently. He saw Little Red about to pass by, so he jumped out screaming “Boo I’m gonna eat your lunch money” Little Red was startled, but she decided to pass by. She didn’t want to be late.

5 Wolf thought and thought to catch this one, because she is not going to let her go. He decides to get a pulley and attach a massive boulder to crush her. He hooks everything up and waits silently and patiently.

6 The wolf spots Little Red and gets ready. She is finally under his trap. He releases it and he was 2 seconds late. He missed. Disappointed, the wolf walks hidden past her and up a hill, which is an inclined plane.

7 The wolf over heard Little Red talking to a little bird, and raced to her grandmother’s house. With rope he tied up the old women and shoves her in the closet. put on a terribly awkward disguise (he had to wear a dress)

8 The wolf put on a terribly awkward disguise (he had to wear a dress). He walked across the room, and decided to loosen up the screws on Little Red’s chair, just in case she sat on it.

9 Wolf very evilly got in the Grandmother’s bed. He waited for Little red to come. He was confident that his plan would work.

10 Little Red got off her bicycle and walked in the house. She went straight to her grandmother’s room and quietly opened the door, which is classified as a lever. She found the wolf in her Grandmother’s bed.

11 “Grandma, what big eyes you have, what big ears you have, what bad breath you have.” “Oh stop complaining on how big I’ve gotten and come over here.” Grandma replied.

12 At about that time, the so not sick grandmother used scissors, which are wedges, to cut the ropes that bound her. She silently opened the door and tip-toed over to the wolf.

13 The wolf stood up and was facing away from the closet about to attach. Grandmother used the rope that had bound her to strangle the wolf from behind. Red kicked him in the shin. The wolf howled. Neighbors' from all over came around to see what the disturbances were. The Wolf black and blue was kicked out.

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