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In your notebook, make a chart Do I want to make a visit? Yes / No Location (where)Name of site.

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2 In your notebook, make a chart Do I want to make a visit? Yes / No Location (where)Name of site














16 What do you like to do on vacation? Answer these questions: 1.Do you spend time on the beach? 2.Where do you go to meet local people? 3.What kind of wildlife do you try to see? 4.What kind of nightlife do you enjoy? 5.What do you do if you want to relax? 6.Do you prefer to go on treks or to shop? 7.Do you like to visit ancient palaces and temples? 8.What kind of tourist attractions do you prefer to visit?

17 Vocabulary

18 Make a chart HebrewNoun, verb, adjective, adverb English spend local wildlife nightlife relax prefer treks ancient palace temple attractions

19 spend לבלות I like to spend my vacation surfing.

20 local מקומי I like to meet the local people.

21 wildlife חיות בר Do you enjoy wildlife?

22 nightlife חיי לילה Enjoy the city nightlife.

23 relax להרגע Do you want to relax?

24 prefer להעדיף My mother prefers hotels.

25 treks טרקים Treks are his favourite vacations.

26 ancient עתיק This is an ancient Indian temple.

27 palace ארמון This palace is a hotel.

28 temple בית מקדש There are Hindu gods on this temple.

29 attractions אטרקציות These are tourist attractions in Goa.

30 Make a chart SentenceHebrewNoun, verb, adjective, adverb English advise experience nature reserve ride traditional paint tour plans visit love tourist

31 advise ליעץ I advise you to rest.

32 experience החוויה You will have the experience of your life!

33 nature reserve שמורת טבע Ein Gedi is a nature reserve.

34 ride נסיעה Try a boat ride.

35 traditional מסורתי Have a traditional Indian meal.

36 paint צובעה People paint elephants.

37 tour סיור Take an exciting tour.

38 plans תוכניות Have you made vacation plans?

39 visit ביקור Let’s plan a visit.

40 love אוהב I love to travel.

41 tourist תייר / תיירותית Tourists come to tourist attractions.

42 5 10 15 20 If you are planning a visit to India, take time to travel to the state of Karala in the south. You will have the experience of your life. Here are some interesting places you can visit – even if you can't say the names! ALAPPUZHA: Do you want to relax? Try a boat ride through the canals around Alappuzha. Take your time, and as you travel slowly along the canal, you can see how the local people live. Spend a few days on a boat. You can eat and sleep on the boat as it sails along the canal. PERIYAR: If you like wildlife, we advise you to visit Periyar. This nature reserve is high up in the hills with beautiful forests all around. There are elephants and monkeys in the reserve, as well as thousands of birds on the lake. You might even see a tiger! Take a trek to the ancient temple. Or, you might prefer to spend the night in a hotel which used to be a prince's palace. KOVALAM: This beautiful beach is a famous tourist attraction for people from all over the world. Many tourists come in summer, but the best time to visit is between November and February Three's something for everyone – you can shop, have a traditional Indian massage, lie on the beach or enjoy the nightlife. THRISSUR: Come to Thrissur. In May, you can see the famous Pooram festival. The festival continues for two days. People paint elephants and decorate them. Then they walk with them through the streets of the town. Don't miss the fireworks on the last night – they are fantastic! Paradise on Earth! Karala

43 What you can doWhere you can do it AlappuzhaPeriyarKovalamThrissur a)relax a)see animals a)take a trek Answer the questions according to the brochure: What suggestion is given in lines 1 – 4? ________________________________________________ According to the brochure, what is a good way to learn about Alappuzha? __________________________________________________________ COMPLETE THE TABLE BELOW. Choose the FIVE correct boxes to show where you can do the following activities.

44 CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER: YES or NO The best place to go with friends who have different interests is Kovalam YES/ NO CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER. The best time to visit Kovalam is in the ( - ) i) Summer ii) Winter iii) Fall When does the Pooram festival take place? ____________________________________________ CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER. (5 pts) The brochure calls Kerala "Paradise on Earth" because Kerala is ( - ) i) very famous ii) beautiful iii) in India

45 Using Vocabulary Words

46 love paint plans ride tour visit




50 Prepositions Place: In, On, At



53 Try this



56 Now, plan your own bedroom. Is there a window? Where is the door? Where is your bed, your closet, your desk, your sidetable? Write 5 sentences to describe your room. Use the words provided.

57 bed chair desk rug closet computer picture/poster shelf bookcase mirror sidetable on in near next to between Under above opposite beside in front of over floor window door wall side ceiling 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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