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CyFair Cisco Academy CyFair Cisco Networking Academy.

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1 CyFair Cisco Academy CyFair Cisco Networking Academy

2 CyFair Cisco Academy Knowledge Students gain knowledge of networking theory through lectures and reading materials. Skills Students gain skills while working with lab equipment. Empowering Through knowledge and skills acquired in the academy the students become empowered. Students gain important skills that the Information Technology industry requires, thus providing the student with a path to a career Exposure Students gain practical hands-on exposure of real world situations from field experience to better understand how networks operate

3 CyFair Cisco Academy Growth

4 CyFair Cisco Academy Classes Taught in 2013 CCNA-prepares the student for the Cisco industry certification 200-120 test while providing foundation networking knowledge and skills. CCNA-Security- prepares the student for the Cisco industry certification 640-553 test while providing foundation knowledge and skills in network security. CCNA-Voice-prepares the student for the Cisco industry certification exam 640-461 while providing knowledge and skills for voice over IP telephony. CCNP-provides the student with advanced knowledge in routing and switching and preparation for the three Cisco CCNP level industry exams.

5 CyFair Cisco Academy The Academy opened in 2003 with two classrooms and two instructors offering CCNA classes In 2012 Voice over IP and CCNA Security classes were added. This increased the instructors to 4 and classrooms to 2.5. One classroom used for lecture only. 2013 saw the addition of CCNP classes added to the growing curriculum offering. This drove the need for additional classrooms. 3 additional classrooms were added. Student enrollment since 2003 2003-30 students enrolled 50% graduated 2007-30 students enrolled 53% graduated 2010-85 students enrolled 70% graduated 2012-135 students enrolled 77% graduated 2013-177 seats available to students

6 CyFair Cisco Academy 2013 Growth  Training of businesses IT professionals  Internships for students  Partnering with local companies willing to hire Academy graduates Staff—7 1 full time Director 5 adjunct instructors 1 part time lab coordinator 1 full time instructor-hiring

7 CyFair Cisco Academy  Our expansion into three new rooms  The new rooms allow us to put all the equipment in a closet thus simulating the real world where equipment is located in closets not co-located with the network engineers

8 CyFair Cisco Academy We put student volunteers to work assisting with the relocation of the equipment into the new rooms New rack installation Equipment installation

9 CyFair Cisco Academy How we do it

10 CyFair Cisco Academy We recognize that without students there would not be an Academy. Our students are our customers and with that in mind we:  Make sure to return all emails and voicemails before the end of the business day or the next morning  We make time to meet with students  The Director visits with the students in the classrooms several times a semester

11 CyFair Cisco Academy We provide support to our advising staff to assist them in understanding what the Cisco Academy is all about and how to advise students interested in the program.  We provide information about the Academy and classes to the College advisors  Meet with the advisors to provide information about classes in the academy  Provide advising assistance to the College Advisors in the form of speaking with the students

12 CyFair Cisco Academy Hire qualified instructors  All instructors are currently working in the field or have recently left the field  All instructors have the industry certification(s) of the class they will be teaching  Together our instructors hold the following certifications CCNA, CCNP, CCDP, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice, CCNP ISP, CCNA Data Center  Two current instructors are working on their CCIE’s at this time

13 CyFair Cisco Academy Equipment for Labs  Provide the students experience with equipment that is used in industry today  Labs are equipped with the latest Access level routers and switches  Current Cisco VoIP phones and Unified Call Manager software are used for the Voice class  Security and CCNP classes use current ASA firewalls and Wireless LAN Controllers with LWAPP AP’s

14 CyFair Cisco Academy  The instructors provide real world experience in the lectures  Instructors provide real world application in the labs or projects they have the students do  Ex: build a network to meet company requirements  Solve the random problems that appear  Open labs are offered to alumni to prepare for certification tests  Certification prep classes for CCNA students Retention

15 CyFair Cisco Academy  One on one advising with the students  Female students are exposed to a female director, our Dean and Department Chair are also females and all have worked as I.T. professionals  A work force advisor within the Dean’s office that works closely with students Retention

16 CyFair Cisco Academy Recruiting

17 CyFair Cisco Academy  Open House is held three times per year usually within two weeks of the semester registration start date  Open to the public to come and visit the Cisco Networking Academy  Notices are placed in the community newspapers, College signage, flyers posted around campus and sent to college advisors  Typically between 40 and 60 people attend Open House

18 CyFair Cisco Academy  Those attending receive a bag and information on Cisco Networking Academy and jobs in I.T.  We go over what the academy is, classes offered and a tour of the labs  Currently we see about 15% of attendees sign up for classes. We are working to increase the number of enrollments  This year we are raffling off T-shirts with the Cisco Academy slogan

19 CyFair Cisco Academy  Then we provide a demonstration on the equipment.  We set up VoIP phones and video phones that they call each other on, configure voicemail for the phones, and we configure a phone while they watch.  We also configure firewalls to prevent or allow calls and routing  All this is to give the viewer a basic understanding of what skills the academy can teach them

20 CyFair Cisco Academy Orientation  Currently, at the beginning of the Fall semester orientation is held for all new CCNA students.  Students are invited to attend where they receive  A TSHIRT  Orientation pack  Consists of contact information  Commands used in CCNA and their functions  OSI Model  Students get to meet their instructors and see their rooms prior to start of class.

21 CyFair Cisco Academy Orientation  Students are then shown how to use the equipment in the racks  How to use Packet Tracer software that simulates equipment  Gain access to Cisco Netspace the web portal that students use to access class and materials  Finally, the students are walked through configuring two basic labs

22 CyFair Cisco Academy Open Lab  On various days during the week we offer Open Lab  This is manned by our Lab Coordinator  The purpose is to provide lab time for students to work on their labs or get assistance on troubling topics from the Lab Coordinator  We typically see up to 30 students a week during this time.

23 CyFair Cisco Academy Lab Equipment available in Open LAB  We keep current on equipment. Our labs currently have:  Cisco 2811 & 2911 routers with Serial and Voice T1 cards PVDM’s  Cisco 3560, 2960 and 2950 switches POE on models that support this technology Fiber gbics and patch cables  Cisco ASA 5510 firewalls  Cisco WLC5504 wireless lan controllers  Cisco LWAPP AP’s  Cisco voip phones 7942 & 7962 7975 9971 with video capabilities  Cisco Call Manager & Unity 7.0, Unified Presence 7.0, Contact Center Express 7.0 and Softphone 7.0. All copies are NFR.

24 CyFair Cisco Academy Equipment Check out  This year we implemented a new program where students can check out equipment for 1 week.  This provides the student who cannot make Open Lab an opportunity to work with real equipment at home  The equipment used is older, but functional for the students to practice with at home

25 CyFair Cisco Academy Graduation  For those students that complete the CCNA program, CCNP, CCNA Security and CCNA Voice classes they are invited to a graduation ceremony.  We print out certificates that Kim and I sign to give them  They are given a bag with a whistle, Nerd candy and other goodies.  They wear their shirts or we give them Polo shirts  We have a guest speaker from industry come and give a 20 min speech

26 CyFair Cisco Academy Graduation  Then we call them up by class. The instructor of the class calls out their names  Kim hands them their certificates  Once done we have cake and punch for them and their family/friends

27 CyFair Cisco Academy Donna Ivey Kimberly Hubbard Dean, Art, Humanities, Media and Tech Donna Ivey Director Cisco Academy CCNA

28 CyFair Cisco Academy Questions?

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