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PBA Front-End Programming

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1 PBA Front-End Programming

2 Communication Why do we communicate…?

3 Communication Pass information Persuation Coordination …?

4 Communication

5 Why do we make websites…?
Communication Why do we make websites…?

6 Communication The purpose of a website is to communicate!
The purpose of a website is (usually) not to demonstrate technical brilliance  What can we do with this wonderful web programming technology…? How can we implement this wonderful web design…?

7 Communication Specific purposes of communication can be as diverse for websites as for real life: Pass information [READ THIS!] Persuation [BUY THIS!] Coordination [DO THIS!] There are obvious overlaps…

8 Communication What is the specific purpose (with regards to communication) for a website for: A political party (UK Labor Party) An online bookstore (Amazon) A web design tutorial (WebStyleGuide) An aid organisation (Red Cross) An online universe for kids (Club Penguin) A social media (Facebook)

9 Communication How does communication work…?

10 Communication Computers are lucky!

11 Communication In the ideal world
The sender has a certain ”mental state” about some information The sender communicates something about this information to the receiver The receiver is now in the same ”mental state” about this information

12 Communication Humans don’t work like that…
What were you doing inside a closet…? Oh John, listen, I’ve decided to come out of the closet!

13 Communication What hinders ”perfect communication”?
Language (verbal and non-verbal) Noise (actual and ”semantic”) Context (culture, background, assumptions,…)

14 Communication Many theories and frameworks for analysis of communication One prominent theory/model: Social Constructionism The Constructionist View: ”How you say something determines what the message is” Cannot separate form and content

15 Communication If we accept the Constructionist View, what are the consequences? No absolute truths No absolute messages People – and groups of people – construct their own reality (consensus reality), so… Always consider the point-of-view of the receiver of any information

16 Communication Consensus reality
Is Nike the best brand of sports shoes…or have enough people agreed that it is so? Is Global Warming a scientific fact…or have enough people agreed that it is so? Is Facebook the best website for social inter-action…or have enough people agreed that it is so?

17 Communication Cognitive bias
The tendency for people to make ”poor” decisions, based on a particular situation Is this relevant when designing websites…? Depending on your purpose – cognitive bias can be ”exploited” Example: Red Cross (I would rather help ”this one child”, than all these anonymous thousands…)

18 Communication

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