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Decimal Real Life Problems

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1 Decimal Real Life Problems
Solve each problem with your partner. Show your work. Put final answer on white board and raise your hand to be checked. If correct, put the problem number under your team. If not correct you will get some help so you can figure it out! Go for the prize!

2 Carlos earns $3. 50 a day on his paper route
Carlos earns $3.50 a day on his paper route. How much does he earn per week? 1 When Charles subtracts the width of his closet from the length if his bedroom wall, he finds he has 3.65meters of wall space left. It the closet is 0.87 meters wide, what is the length of his bedroom wall? 2

3 Sophia buys her mother a bunch of flowers for $12
Sophia buys her mother a bunch of flowers for $12.95 and her brothers some candy for $ if she has $7.83 left, how much did she start with? 3 If Pedro were 7.5cm taller, he would be twice as tall as Ian. Ian is cm tall , so how tall is Pedro? 4

4 Sasha is making some shelves which are 75. 5 cm long
Sasha is making some shelves which are 75.5 cm long. Her friend is making shelves that are 85cm long. How much shorter are Sasha’s shelves than her friend? If the shelving wood Sasha is using is 180 cm long, how many shelves can she make from it? How much will be left after cutting the shelves? 5 A café uses 27.5 quarts of milk per day. If they have a weekly delivery of 180 quarts, how much will they have left after six days? 6

5 Charles has 12. 5 meters of railway track. Gavin has 8
Charles has 12.5 meters of railway track. Gavin has 8.6 meters and Kristy has 4.8 meters. If they put their track together, how long will their layout be? * What is they tripled the layout…what would be the length then? 7 A novelist writes 9.5 pages of his book a day. How many pages will he write in 3 days? 6 days? 9 days? 8

6 After driving to the mile marker, a driver stops at a service station. He realizes that he left his wallet at the last rest top 35.5 miles back. What mile marker was that? He retrieves his wallet, drives to the mile marker and stops again. He has another miles to go after his coffee. How long will his entire trip be? 9 Mr. Mayfield divides his money equally among four separate banks. If he has $98.65 in each bank, what is the total of his savings? * Bonus: If each bank gives him 2% interest, how much did he make in total interest? 10

7 Terry has $8. 50. He spends $1. 50 on candy. He then spends $2
Terry has $ He spends $1.50 on candy. He then spends $2.05 on a paperback book. How much does he have left to spend? * Bonus: What percentage of his original amount did he spend? 11 A snack shop sells kg of loose peanuts the first week and kg the second week. How much did the shop sell over the two weeks? Bonus: If the shop sells 1/3 of the first week’s sales the third week, how much will the shop sell that third week? How much overall will the shop have sold? 12

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