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Looking for a hand up not a hand out?. Are you feeling lost and alone?

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1 Looking for a hand up not a hand out?

2 Are you feeling lost and alone?

3 –News Channel 12 (Erin Maxson) Approximately one in ten students in the Medford school district is homeless. You are not alone… 1 in ten 1 in 10

4 Maslow Project provides… FFood CClothing SShelter PPersonal hygiene items MMentoring groups CCollaboration with other organizations CCounseling SShowers LLaundry SSchool supplies

5 Fostering self-sufficiency Removing barriers to services and education Providing centralized access to resources Treating youth and families with integrity, compassion and respect Empowering youth to grow into healthy, productive and independent members of society What Maslow Project is all about…

6 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Physiological Needs AAir, water, food, Shelter, Sleep, Sex Safety and Security Love and Belonging Self-Esteem Self-Actualization VVitality, creativity, Self- sufficiency, Authenticity, playfulness, Meaningfulness What is Maslow Project based on?

7  An article from Educational Psychology Interactive explains, “Each lower need must be met before moving to the next higher level.”

8 Jessica’s Closet In dedication to a local young lady who helped homeless youth find clothing in her very own closet. Jessica passed away in a car accident and her family teamed up with Maslow Project to help more homeless youth find clothing. Jessica’s Closet provides new and barely used clothing for homeless and at risk youth of all sizes.

9 Farmer’s Hand Girls Unite A mentoring group for at-risk girls ages 9-13 which teaches them about positive self esteem and many other important skills. A mentoring group offered by Maslow Project to teach at-risk kids how to garden and other important life skills.

10 How does Maslow work with schools? In 2008, the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children & Youth (NAEHCY) bestowed Maslow Project with the honor of Outstanding School-Based Education Program Providing Services to Students in Homeless Situation. Maslow Project teams up with schools to help the homeless students find the support they need.

11 Is homelessness common in Medford? In Medford school district approximately 1 in 10 students is homeless. According to the Medford Mail Tribune, last year 1,139 homeless students were reported in Medford schools (Achen). Maslow Project had double the number of walk in clients in the past year. (Achen)

12 Maslow Project is here to help… Maslow project is a wonderful community organization They help homeless youth and youth at risk of being homeless They work with schools and other organizations to optimize help for young people in the area

13 If you or someone you know is in need of these services… 209 W. Main St. Medford, OR 97501 Just east of Alba Park and Melello’s Coffee Phone: (541)608-6868

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