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2nd Semester 3rd QTR=12 4th QTR=8

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1 2nd Semester 3rd QTR=12 4th QTR=8
Daily Edit Review 2nd Semester 3rd QTR=12 4th QTR=8

2 DE Review #1 Edit the following paragraph. Write the new paragraph on your paper. President, Jimmy Carter grew up in the small town of Plains Georgia. No one could have predicted what his future hold when he was born on October 1, The death of his father brought Jimmy into the families farming business he became a community leader, then Georgia's governor, and, eventually, president of the United states. As president, Carter was nown as a piecemaker. Since then, he has build many homes for families in need.

3 DE Review #2 1. One of my old fillings (need, needs) to be replaced.
Choose the correct verb for the sentence. 1. One of my old fillings (need, needs) to be replaced. 2. The young widow with her five small children (want, wants) to get on the bus. 3. In the back of the closet (is, are) some old paperback novels you might like to have. 4. The Chevy with the blue tinted windows (need, needs) washing. 5. Geoffrey (doesn't, don't) have time to finish his work. 6. Along the river's edge (is, are) found many different kinds of wild flowers. 7. Every one of the employees (seem, seems) ready for a vacation. 8. Each of the Academy Award winners (was, were) well-paid. 9. Some of the sweaters that are supposed to be new (have, has) torn seams. 10. One of the clerks (do, does) much better work than the other one.

4 DE Review #3 Edit the following paragraph. Write the new paragraph on your paper. Each October, thousands in India gather to celebrate the live of Mahatma Gandhi. Born in Porbandar, India, on October , Gandhi receive world attention for his belief in peace ful protest. When he seen violence, he sometime stoped eating. That usuly made people think, and soon the violence would stop "You must be the change you wish to see in the world, Gandhi said. He was killed by an assassin at the age of 79.

5 DE Review #4 It is important for a person to be sure before you get married. We are happy with our lives in the town. You can get anything you need there.   A huntsman must spend his time hunting. They will use their bare hands to catch animals if they must.   Everybody should learn a lesson from what they read in the story because you may be in the same situation some day.

6 DE Review #5 Edit the following paragraph. Write the new paragraph on your paper. The first succesful launch off a man-made satellite happened on October 4, 1957, That satellite, launched by the Soviet Union was named Sputnik I. The launch caused a renewed emphesis on the teaching of science in america. The satellite, which weighed 184 pound took off from the soviets' Tyuratam launch site. Though it was active for just 21 days Sputnik I mark the beginning of the Space Age and exploration beyond planet earth.

7 DE Review #6 Juan and David recognized each other they had been in the first grade together. The dog loved his new toys. Especially the ones that squeaked. Maggie remembered her childhood. Her mother making pancakes for dinner in the small apartment. Her car would not start she was late for class. I love English class, I am really good at grammar lessons! I cannot wait until President’s Day. Finally, a day off. The parents ate the baby slept in her stroller.

8 DE Review #7 Edit the following paragraph. Write the new paragraph on your paper. William Penn, was born in England on October A follower of the quaker religion, Penn dreamed of establishing a place where people would be free to worship in what ever way they wanted. He recieved the land he wished for from Englands King Charles II he settled that land as a colony called Pennsylvania. Penn traveled twice to Pensylvania but each time he had to return to England? He died in England in 1718.

9 DE Review #8 Complete the sentences by adding a parallel construction. The train was crowded with students going home to be with their parents or… Dad wondered whether he could see the second half of the game and still… Not only does the girl ask countless questions but also… The hats and coats were piled everywhere: on the beds, on the chairs, and even… During our coffee break this morning, we had blueberry muffins that were small but…

10 DE Review #9 Edit the following paragraph. Write the new paragraph on your paper. Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York city on October 27, He become the 26th prezident of the United States when president McKinley died. Roosevelt oversaw construction of the Panama Canal. He won the nobel Peace Prize for his role in bring the Russo-Japanese War to a peace full end. Did you know that the "Teddy bare" was named for Roosevelt. One of his favorite quotes was an old proverb: "Speak softly and carry a big stick.

11 DE Review #10 The girls in Ontario are prettier than California.
Correct the faulty sentences below (consider parallelism). The girls in Ontario are prettier than California. He is either a mad man or he is a fool. Angrily, bitterly, and with tears in his eyes, Jean Cretien finally retired. This summer, Ed visited Italy, France, and he also went to his mother’s house in Spain. I like movies and to listen to popular music.

12 DE Review #11 Edit the following paragraph. Write the new paragraph on your paper. Near Springfield, ohio, a great Native american leader, Tecumseh, was born in march As a leader of the shawnee Indians, tecumseh did not except treaties that had give Indian land to whites he was a powerful speaker who hoped all tribes would join together to save Indian lands. Though he wanted peace, Tecumseh did not ruleout the use of force. He lost his life in the War of He was shot by a bullet from an American's gun.

13 DE Review #12 Edit the following sentences.
We viewed A Caribbean Mystery and watch intently as Joan Hickson portrays Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. The characters in the novel are average people, but they had more than average problems. The driver yelled at me to get off the bus, so I asked him why, and he tells me it is none of my business. Advisors will tell their children to register early so that they got the classes they wanted. In the interview, the star of the film explained the stunt work and talked about the special effects. However, she never mentions her costars.

14 DE Review #13 The brown fluffy large dog ran across the street.
Correct the following sentences. The brown fluffy large dog ran across the street. I like to run but not when it’s hot. I do not want a dog nor do I want a cat. After ten minutes I asked the nurse about the medicine. John for example likes to work. Unfortunately my favorite flavor was sold out. Taylor lives in Nashville TN. Today is June 10th 2012.

15 DE Review #14 I want to wear the red shirt my favorite color is red.
Insert a semicolon into the appropriate place. I want to wear the red shirt my favorite color is red. The company hired three new employees: Robert, who was 42 years old Juan, who was 28 years old and Dana, who was 24 years old. I am really tired I cannot get to sleep. There has been another attack in Paris six are known dead. The shoes are too tight they just don’t fit.

16 DE Review #15 One of the men could not find their shoe.
Identify the pronouns and their antecedents and then correct the sentences. One of the men could not find their shoe. Generally, a person likes to vary their diet. Only a freshman or a sophomore is entitled to cast their vote at the meeting. Neither the city nor the suburbs are capable of handling its problems. The militia increased its watchfulness, but they didn’t catch the spies. Because of the storm, the fleet of shrimp boats were forced to run for the nearest harbor, where they found safety.

17 DE Review #16 You will need these supplies glue, scissors, and paste.
Insert colons <:> into the appropriate places. You will need these supplies glue, scissors, and paste. Senator John Smith said the following “We must stop cutbacks in education, sanitation, and welfare.” The doctor will be here at 3 30. The company president gave the following people a promotion Bob Crane, Julie Reese, and George Cramden.

18 DE Review #17 Insert apostrophes into the appropriate places. You don’t have to write the complete sentence. Its the first thing I see in the morning poking its head in the door. Threes Company was a zany television show. The monkey wrapped its tail around the pole. There was room on the form for each parents signature. The womens coats hung in the closet. The womans coats hung in the closet. Sundays dinner was excellent.

19 DE Review #18 Are we there yet she asked.
Insert quotation marks/commas/ other punctuation marks into the appropriate places. Are we there yet she asked. I am tired the boy said and then drifted off to sleep. We really should be going now she said. Starry Night, by Van Gogh, is a beautiful painting. The word chandler refers to someone who makes candles. The poem Snow Angel is my favorite. We just read The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin she told me.

20 DE Review #19 The answer on the test (alluded/eluded) me.
Choose the correct word for the sentence. The answer on the test (alluded/eluded) me. There are (altogether/all together) too many questions on this exam! My (principal/principle) concern is your health. The water on the road was just an (allusion/illusion) The woodpecker made noise (continually/ continuously) throughout the day. Choose (among/between) the four answer options. Don’t go (passed/ past) the red line! She is cooler (than/then) her brother. I want to go, (to/ too)!

21 DE Review #20 Correct any incorrect punctuation. Use a semicolon<;>, comma<,>, set of parentheses<( )> , hyphen <-> or ellipsis <…> The last day of summer vacation finally arrived consequently we prepared for the first day of a new school year. Jeremy prefers to cook shellfish for they are easy to clean. Harriet Tubman is remembered for her work on the Underground Railroad. A two thirds majority. Three quarters of the students lost their planners. Most hunters will spend a lot of time hunting in mid October. McKenzie is a hard hitting spiker. According to the popular song, “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a nose” (May). (INDICATE THE MISSING WORDS FROM THE SONG).

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