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Technology Linking Campus Together

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1 Technology Linking Campus Together
ISEM 3015 Telecommunications and Networking Technology Linking Campus Together Group 3  Vivian, Chan Ka Ka  Kami, Wan On Kam  Vanessa, Chow Ying Tung  Phoebe, Cheung Hiu Ying Andy, Wong Tsun Lam  Candy, Wong Ka Hei Denis, Chau Kwan Hang

2 Technology Linking Campuses
Outline Network Campuses in HKBU Technology Linking Campuses Internet in BU Security Usage of Network The Past and Future What is Network? Campuses in HKBU HSH to Shaw Shaw to BU Road Univeristy Shek Mun and SCE Technology Linking Campus : Optical Fiber Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) Internet in BU: HARNET Wired Ethernet BU WiFi Security External network Internal network Usage of Network 1) UIS 2) Moodle 3) Printing quota 4) Booking Sport venue 5) Booking school facility 6) Library system The Past and Future

3 A. What is Network? Enable communication between computers Support:
Access to World Wide Web Shared use of application Storage Server Shared Printer

4 The Connection between the campuses

5 B. Three Campuses in HKBU (Kowloon Tong)
Ho Sin Hang Campus Shaw Campus Baptist University Road Campus


7 7


9 Other Campuses Shek Mun Campus School of Continuing Education


11 1. HSH TO SHAW (BU Bridge) Fiber


13 2. SHAW TO BU Road (AAB Bridge) Fiber

14 3. Shek Mun SCE (MAN)

15 Connection Diagram

16 C. Technology Linking Campus
Optical Fiber Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

17 Reliable 1) Optical Fiber Use pairs of fibers
carry the data in different direction 10G Ethernet fiber 40G Ethernet fiber Reliable

18 1) Optical Fiber Why BU use optical fiber in connection?
thinner and lighter High speed (light speed) high bandwidth Relatively little weaken of signals (low attenuation) cheap Source: Fiber Optic ( html)

19 1) Optical Fiber 6. Enable Triple Play (三網合一) service
Public Switched Telephone Network (voice), Internet (data) and Cable Television (video) provided in one single access connection Request: High data transmit capacity High quality Cost-efficiency

20 1) Optical Fiber In the PAST…. rent from the telecommunication company
Now… connect the network by ourselves use the BU Bridge to connect the two campus

21 1) Optical Fiber → Can design the network to suit our own need without any restrict from the telecommunication companies


23 2) Metropolitan Area Network
Franki centre (SCE) & Shek Mun Why? Application for using its own optical fiber from Office of Communication Authority

24 Government Regulations
2) Metropolitan Area Network- Government Regulations Government may consider the followings: 1. The installation method and location of equipment. 2. Make available space in the common parts and the in-building telecommunications system to the operators. Source: . Government Regulations- OFCA I0004 (12) (

25 2) Metropolitan Area Network- Government Regulations
3. Can the operators use the existing in-building telecommunications systems? 4. Can the installation comply with code of practice in Hong Kong ? 5. Public space more than 2m from an external wall of one building? Source: . Government Regulations- OFCA I0004 (12) (

26 2) Metropolitan Area Network
For HKBU, Not allowed to dig tunnel unless authorized Therefore, Rent the Metropolitan Area Network from telecommunication company.

27 2) Metropolitan Area Network
Features: 1. Support high-speed disaster recovery system 2. High speed connection 3. capable of supporting ten of millions and hundreds of millions of bits per second

28 2) Metropolitan Area Network
Why choose MAN? 1.Cover greater distance than LAN 2. High speed,recover quickly from router/switch failure 3. Dynamically allocate more bandwidth on demand

29 D. Internet in BU HARNET Wired Ethernet BU WiFi


31 D. Network within each building of HKBU
Office PC/Printer → Ethernet → Switch Notebook/Smartphone → Wi-Fi → Access Point (AP) Router Router → HARNET → Internet

32 D. Network within each building of HKBU
1) HARNET The Hong Kong Academic and Research Network Wide area network links eight tertiary institutions’ campus networks Managed and operated by the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) Source: HARNET(

33 Institutions Central HARNET hub
ATM connections Central HARNET hub Source: HARNET(

34 2) Cable connection in HKBU campus

35 2) Cable connection in HKBU campus
Connect PC and printer by Ethernet on each floor. Ethernet: a family of computer networking technologies for local area networks (LANs) There is a LAN on each floor.

36 2) Cable connection in HKBU campus
The wires are not long enough In each building, there is a CABLE CLOSET on each floor. CABLE CLOSET: used to store all the wires connected to computer, Notebook on the same floor There is a main cable closet which is responsible for connecting the all cable closet on the floor.

37 2) Cable connection in HKBU campus
Main cable closet from different floors connect to each other. All the PC and printer in one building are interconnected by switch. It becomes a LAN Therefor, all the PC and printer in the building are connected

38 2) Cable connection in HKBU campus
Connection of cable closet from different building will connect to switch. The switch will then connect to router Router:a device that forwards data packets between computer networks, creating an overlay internetwork. A router is connected to two or more data lines from different networks.

39 2) Cable connection in HKBU campus
Each building has a router connect to other bulidings OPTICAL FIBER is used to transmit data between router and switch and the data transmit between router All the data from different building will be transmitted to AAB building by router. Connect to HARNET Internet. Under this process, different building PC are first connected by switch and then through the router connect to the Internet.


41 3) Wi-Fi Laptop Wired Networks Smart Phone Tablet Computer
How does Wi-Fi work? Wired Networks Laptop Tablet Computer Access Point

42 3) Wi-Fi - Access Point - More than 1,800
- Appear in every floor of buildings in HKBU (98%) - be easy to be hinder by walls - Not appear in some floors (like office) because the staff fears the access point will affect their health

43 3) Wi-Fi •The four types of wifi in HKBU 1. BU-Standard 2. BUSRH-WiFi
3. BU-Web 4. BU-Guest Encryption

44 3) Wi-Fi - Encryption  make the content become unreadable
- Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2)  is a stronger and better version of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)  fixes all WEP privacy vulnerabilities Source: HTG Explains: The Difference Between WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wireless Encryption (and Why It Matters) (

45 Network Sever Web - manage web page (interface) File
- manage every file Domain controller - manage login system

46 Sharing of Hardware and Software
E. Usage Sharing of Hardware and Software

47 E. Usage UIS Moodle Printing quota Booking Sport venue
Booking school facility Library system

48 1. UIS Receive news from HKBU

49 1. UIS Search course information Pre-registration Timetable
Exam timetable Hall registration

50 2. Moodle Teachers upload notes
Students download notes and upload homework Communication between teachers and students through internal message system

51 3. Printing quota Library Resident hall Computer room AAB 7/F
 record every printing cost  store the printing quota

52 Wai Hang Sport Centre SCC SHSH  Synchronise data
4. Booking sport venue Wai Hang Sport Centre SCC SHSH  Synchronise data

53 5. Booking school facility

54 6. Library system

55 F. Security External network Internal network

56 F. Security 1) External network  Easily accessed by non-BU students

57 F. Security 2) Internal network Firewall Verification - login
- Identity the user (User name, password, Student ID card)

58 F. Security

59 F. Security

60 G. The Past and Future Past Don’t have BU Bridge Don’t have own fiber
Government Regulations Rent from HK Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA)

61 G. The Past and Future -Incident Some mouse nipped the fibers
The fibers was damaged Use steel wire to surround the fibers to protect

62 G. The Past and Future ∵Demand Increase Future
Provide more fibers for users Use the better quality fibers Do not remove the old one because it is very difficult ☆Build up the three tunnels on the ground between Wai Hang Sports Centre and HSH

63 REFERENCES Fiber Optics. (n.d.). Retrieved from Triple-Play Network Government Regulations- OFCA I0004 (12) Retrieved from HTG Explains: The Difference Between WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wireless Encryption (and Why It Matters). (n.d.). Retrieved from wireless-encryption-and-why-it-matters/ Interview with HKBU ITO (25/03/2014) ( ITO Wi-Fi Services. (n.d.). Retrieved from Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC). (n.d.). Retrieved from William S. (1999). Data Communication And Computer Networks 6th Edition. UK: Pearson Education

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