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Timeline of Events and Literary Devices. Old friends from middle school hate her and don’t talk to her. Heather is a pseudo friend. David talks to her.

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1 Timeline of Events and Literary Devices

2 Old friends from middle school hate her and don’t talk to her. Heather is a pseudo friend. David talks to her and is her lab partner.

3 She doesn’t speak Family communicates through sticky notes & fighting She starts to confide in Mr. Freeman

4 Janitor’s closet Her bedroom/closet Mr. Freeman’s art class

5 Mashed potatoes thrown at her in the lunch room Pep Rally she is interrogated and then picked on and pushed down the bleachers

6 Learn about her, out of style, out of the loop, no friends… Rules Intro to teachers

7 She is not doing well in any of her classes except for Art.

8 Thanksgiving sucked There was not a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Was able to make an art project out of it. Christmas Realizes her parents do pay a little bit of attention to her and the things she likes. Easter Upset because they didn’t go to church and she thinks her grandparents would be mad. Spring Break Doesn’t really do anything

9 Goths Shredders Human Waste Thespians Eurotrash Artists Cheerleaders Jocks The Marthas Country Clubbers

10 Trojans Changed because of sexual connotations Blue Devils Changed because of evil connotations and the colors didn’t match Wombats Changed because no one knew what that was Tigers Changed because of endangered species Hornets Wanted to change because of the horny hornet cheer

11 Cheerleaders Teachers Basketball Players Parents The Marthas Rachel Heather

12 Internal Conflict Melinda vs. Melinda Melinda vs. Old Friends Heather vs. Melinda It (Andy Evans) vs. Melinda David vs. Mr. Neck Heather vs. The Marthas Rachel vs. Andy Evans Melinda vs. Mr. Neck Melinda vs. Her Parents Mr. Freeman vs. School Board David vs. Mr. Neck Melinda vs. Rachel External Conflict

13 Relationships Lips Speaks less Grades Family Situation Body Image Health

14 A comparison of two unlike things using the words “like” or “as” “I have dropped like a hot Pop Tart on a cold kitchen floor” (21) Can you find others? 67, 66, 134, 117, 108, 136, 125, 122, 98, 97, 89, 84, 83, 73, 71, 17, 10, 135, 146, 185, 193

15 A comparison of two unlike things. I stand in the center aisle of the auditorium, a wounded zebra in a National Geographic special. The cafeteria is a giant sound stage where they film daily segments of Teenage Humiliation rituals. Can you find others? 120, 117, 104, 104, 62, 142, 161

16 A language, dialect, or style of speaking peculiar to a people. I got my eye on you Shut you trap, button you lip, can it. A kick in the bucket Hang one’s head

17 The White Couch 14-17 She flips the cushions of the couch at home when she eats and then flips them back to be “pretty & clean” Like a façade she puts on The Turkey Bone Memorial 61- 64 The Apple 65-67 The Frog 80-81 Trees Mirror Bedroom(17), Closet, 3-way mirror in Effert’s Lips How words get out She bites her lips and keeps words in Mascots Identity Confusion Janitor’s Closet Escaping/ Hiding Place (25-26) Maya Angelou Poster Taken down b/c her book was banned Covers the mirror Symbol of what is forbidden Melinda’s Room Confusion with identity (15-16)

18 To characterize or regard as something they may not be The actor has been stereotyped as a villain. Jocks Goths Big Hair Chix Suffering Artists

19 When an outcome is opposite of what is expected to happen Our teachers are the best We are no longer the Tigers because the name shows “shocking disrespect” for an endangered species. I know I am shocked Give me 2 more examples

20 An extreme exaggeration My English teacher has no face. “I shed layers- jacket, hat, mittens, sweater. I lose seven pounds in half a minute.” (99) Now can you find other hints of a hyperbole? 99, 97, 90, 68, 32, 176

21 A reference to another literary work, art work, or historical event. “It’s Nathaniel Hawthorne Month in English…”(100-101) Could I put a face in my tree, like a dryad from Greek mythology. Dryad- a dryad is a tree nymph. A nymph is a minor nature goddess Now can you find any? 17, 97, 144, 72, 118-119, 164-165, 165, 165

22 The “word pictures” created in literature. How the author creates a mental picture in the readers head. “Tears oozed down my face, over my bruised lips, pooling on the handset” (136) Pgs to look: 129, 109, 91, 87, 59, 37, 134, 136, 136, 198

23 Giving human like qualities to animals or inanimate objects “I’m saved by a Centro bus. It coughs and rumbles and spits out two old women in front of the grocery store” (98) Can you find any? 98, 33, 15, 130, 133, 136, 142, 142, 161, 166

24 A remembering of past events To the apple orchard (66) Pgs to look at: 133-136, 40, 71, 143

25 When the author directly states the characters traits. Find a passage in the book where the author uses direct characterization

26 Using your own judgment to tell what a character is like based on evidence given by the writer such as looks, actions, speech, and reactions of others. Find a passage in the book that indirectly characterizes a character.

27 A character who provides a strong contrast to another character. A foil may emphasize another character’s distinctive traits or make a character look better by comparison. Mr. Freeman/ Mr. Neck Find 3 more foil characters

28 A dynamic character changes as the result of a story’s events. Give examples of Dynamic Characters

29 A static character is character who does not change much in the story. Give examples of static characters

30 Author’s choice of words. The author’s diction is based on the audience. Who would be the audience for this novel? Description of clans (4) “I’m the only one sitting alone, under the glowing neon sign which reads…”(128) “When you get out of this Life Sucks phase, I’m sure lots of people will want to be your friend” (106) “Fayette’s makes wicked good jelly doughnuts…”(96) “Just in case we forget that weareheretogetagood… Disney World” (67) “It was like falling up the storybook, yummy and red and leafy and the branch not shaking a bit” (66)

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