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Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

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1 Miss Nelson Has a Field Day

2 Characters Miss Nelson - Teacher Principal janitor Pop Hanson -
Mr. Blandsworth - Principal janitor Pop Hanson - Coach Armstrong - Coach Smedley Tornadoes- Name of their football team Werewolves - Different school football team The meanest substitute coach Miss Viola Swamp -

3 Vocabulary Gloom - sad blanketed - Covered completely
Horace B. Smedley School - School name A piece of paper that has been chewed and shaped into a ball for use as a missile. Spit balls -

4 Vocabulary Worried - Concern anxiety Down in the dumps - Unhappy
Sad/ depressed cafeteria- dining room in a school Room in a school where you eat breakfast or lunch sparkle - shine Cafeteria ladies had lost their sparkle Lost their shine

5 Vocabulary sad depressed - Smedley Tornadoes -
Name of their football team interested - Having or showing curiosity, fascination, or concern mincemeat - To cut or chop into very small pieces Example: They’ll make mincemeat out of our team.

6 Vocabulary Have knowledge skill expert - Cracked up - laughed
To become quiet or calm Calmed down - Announced - To tell in public Make public

7 Vocabulary measles - An infectious viral disease causing fever and a red rash on the skin Discussion - Group conversation The consequence of a particular action an outcome Results - Hear (someone or something) without meaning to or without the knowledge of the speaker. overhear -

8 Vocabulary rummaging - Searching looking
Having or making a high-pitched sound “squeaky tennis shoes” squeaky - Tennis shoes - Sweat suit-

9 Vocabulary Holy Smoke - This is a way of expressing surprise
Pipe down - quiet puzzled - confused Disturb - Interrupt Horse around - Fool around

10 Vocabulary Came back Returned - Clobbered - Defeat the other team
Beat the other team Treated - To give

11 Preview Read the title Read the back cover Read the chapter titles
Don’t have chapter titles Read the jacket Look at all the pictures

12 Preview Read Book Adventure Questions

13 Miss Nelson Has a Field Day by Allard, Harry; Marshall, James (Illustrator)
1 What did Mr. Blandsworth do because he was so depressed? Mr. Blandsworth never smiled. Mr. Blandsworth hid under his desk. Mr. Blandsworth quit his job. Mr. Blandsworth wouldn't leave his house. 2 What did Miss Nelson get out of her closet? Miss Nelson got a baseball cap out of her closet. Miss Nelson got a pretty pink dress out of her closet. Miss Nelson got a football uniform out of her closet. Miss Nelson got an ugly black sweat suit out of her closet. 3 What was Miss Nelson doing when Mr. Blandsworth went to ask her about Miss Swamp? Miss Nelson was grading papers. Miss Nelson was reading a book. Miss Nelson was cleaning her desk. Miss Nelson was watching football practice.

14 4 What did the kids call Miss Viola Swamp?
The kids called her Miss Meany. The kids called her Swampy. The kids called her Viola. The kids called her The Swamp. 5 What was Miss Nelson's sister's name? Miss Nelson's sister was Barbara. Miss Nelson's sister was Becky. Miss Nelson's sister was Brooke. Miss Nelson's sister was Betty.

15 Predict

16 Predict Who (Characters) Where and When (Setting) What Happened (Plot)

17 Watch DVD Read aloud ASL

18 Read the Book If you have questions, ask Melissa or Austin
If you don’t understand the paragraph, ask Melissa or Austin If you don’t know the vocabulary word, look at the vocabulary list. If the vocabulary word is not on the list, then ask Melissa or Austin

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