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Virtual chassis enhancements in Junos 12.2

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1 Virtual chassis enhancements in Junos 12.2

2 Build high-performance networks with EX Series Ethernet switches
Carrier-Class Reliability Integrated Security Operational Simplicity EX3300 EX4200 EX2200-C EX2200 EX3200 EX6200 EX45x0 EX8208 EX8216 Branch & Small Wiring Closet Access Small Wiring Closet Access Metro Deployments Wiring Closet Access Data Center Access Aggregation and Core 2 2

3 EX4200 line of Ethernet switches with Virtual Chassis technology
24-48 port copper/fiber access switch PoE+ model option 4-port GbE (SFP) uplink 2-port 10GbE (XFP) uplink Dual-mode 4-port GbE/2-port 10GbE (SFP+) Fully redundant power and cooling Virtual Chassis technology 128 Gbps virtual backplane Manage up to 10 switches as a single device Extend over 10GbE or GbE uplinks Full OSPF and IP Multicast in base license Easy manageability—LCD SKU # Ports PoE Ports PoE+ Ports PoE Power Budget EX T 24 8 130 W EX F N/A 0 W EX T 48 EX PX 740 W EX PX The EX 4200 Series Ethernet Switches reset market expectations for chassis-class, high availability features in a pay as you grow 1RU switch. The EX 4200 Series advances the economics of networking with high-density, wire-speed non-blocking 10/100/1000 connectivity with Power over Ethernet & redundant power and cooling. The EX 4200 series virtual-chassis switches are designed for enterprise wiring-closet, data center top of rack and aggregation layer applications. Each platform is based on the EX-PFE ASIC developed by Juniper Networks. The 1 rack unit platform is available with five different port configuration options: 24 port 10/100/1000BASE-T with 8 PoE ports 24 port 10/100/1000BASE-T with 24 PoE ports 24 port 100BASE-FX/1000BASE-X 48 port 10/100/1000BASE-T with 8 PoE ports 48 port 10/100/1000BASE-T with 48 PoE ports The platforms offer either a partial or full power over ethernet port configuration. The partial PoE configuration offers 8 PoE ports. Full Class 3 (15.4W) is supported. The EX 4200 is available with two uplink module options – a 4 port Gigabit Ethernet SFP module or a 2 port 10GbE XFP option. These modules are available separately and do not need to be purchased with the base platform. The EX 4200 series platforms utilize Virtual-Chassis™ technology to offer the same operational reliability and configuration simplicity as all Juniper chassis based platforms. Up to 10 individual devices can be interconnected by the virtual chassis port on the rear of the platforms to create a single logical device for management purposes. This provides up to 480 GbE and up to 20, 10 GbE port density. Also, the EX 4200 platforms can be interconnected via the 10GbE ethernet ports on the front of the device allowing extended applications such as interconnection between wiring closets on the floor of a building to create a single virtual chassis for management and configuration. When more than one EX 4200 platforms are connected, they offer the same software high availability as a traditional chassis based platforms. Unlike the competition which only has a master switch, each virtual chassis platform with more than one member has a master and backup route engine pre-elected. The master and backup have synchronized routing tables and routing protocol states for rapid failover should a master switch fail providing true carrier-class reliability. The EX 4200 supports dual hot swappable AC power supplies. It also has an option for an external remote power supply for redundancy. The EX 4200 offers one of the most power efficient wiring-closet switches in the industry, consuming a maximum of 190W per device for switch operations. The EX 4200 offers 320W, 600W or 930W power supply options to support PoE. Each platform offers an LCD display for simple configuration and status information display. Finally, unlike the competition, Juniper includes core routing features such as OSFP and RIPv2 in the base software license reducing capex when deploying layer 3 to the edge. 3

4 EX3300 line of Ethernet switches
24-48 port fixed-configuration access switch PoE+ model option 4 SFP/SFP+ uplinks Fixed power supply (AC/DC) and fans Data center airflow RPS support Virtual Chassis technology 10-member Virtual Chassis Virtual Chassis over 10GbE uplinks Virtual Chassis between switches up to 40km apart Proven Juniper technology Junos operating system Layer 3 (OSPF, PIM) New SKU EX T EX T EX P EX P EX T-DC EX T-BF  Roadmap

5 EX2200 line of Ethernet switches
port access switch PoE/PoE+ model options Fixed power supply and fans 4 SFP uplinks Available in compact, fanless models L2 and RIP in base license; OSPF, PIM in enhanced license Virtual Chassis-Lite (4-members) Redundant power system for port SKUs Flexible deployment options with compact model (rack, wall, magnet mounting ) # Ports Port Type PoE+ Ports Fixed Uplinks Max Power Consumption (PoE Power) 12 10/100/1000B-T 2DP 50 (0)W 150 (100)W 24 4 SFP 50 (0) W 550 (405) W 48 100 (0) W 4SFP New The EX2200 is a fixed, Layer2/Layer 3, 10/100/100 switch.

6 Limited to 1GbE fiber uplinks
Virtual Chassis for EX Series Access Products Virtual Chassis-Lite Virtual Chassis Platform support EX2200 EX3300, EX4200, EX45xx Single management (config file, auto-upgrade, SNMP) Yes Centralized control plane Virtual Chassis pre-provisioning LAG across members Virtual Chassis local link bias High-speed Virtual Chassis connections Limited to 1GbE fiber uplinks Virtual Chassis fast failover No High availability (GRES, NSB, NSR, NSSU) Large Virtual Chassis member scale No (up to 4 members) Yes (up to 10 members)

7 Virtual Chassis - Lite for EX2200 Series
4-member Virtual Chassis for EX2200 family (EX2200 and EX2200-C) GbE backplane between EX2200 or EX2200-C using fiber uplinks Requires Enhanced Features License (EFL) Key Features Operational simplicity: One IP address for management Single configuration file Centralized Control Plane Virtual Chassis pre-provisioning Better performance: Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) on Virtual Chassis ports Virtual Chassis local link bias  Roadmap

8 Deployments of EX2200 with Virtual Chassis- lite
Distributed small-to-medium branch access Space constrained environments requiring higher port densities (up to 48 ports with EX2200-C)—e.g. casino floor cabinets Silent environments requiring higher port densities )—e.g. open space offices, conference rooms, classrooms Ultra low-cost wiring closet; competitive against 10/100M stackables SRX VC Local Servers Local Servers

9 Comparison with EX3300 and EX4200
Target Market (Dominant) Branch; small campus access Campus access Campus access; data center TOR Marketing Name Virtual Chassis-Lite Virtual Chassis Uplinks Up to 4x1GbE Up to 4x10GbE 128G or 2x10GbE Backplane Speed Up to 8 Gbps Up to 80 Gbps 128 Gbps HA Capability No Yes License for Virtual Chassis EFL Base LCD Virtual Chassis Members Up to 4 Up to 10 Up to 10 mixed Virtual Chassis with EX45xx

10 Access Product Positioning
EX6200 EX4200 Large Scaling Modularity: Power and Fan Resiliency-Power and Fans; Power pooling Resiliency-Power and Fans; Power pooling EX3300 Large Scaling Tables Large Scaling Tables Modularity- PSU, Fans Modularity-Uplinks, PSU, Fans 10GbE, High Availability and Advanced Layer 3 Real Chassis Virtual Chassis over 10G ports 128G Virtual Chassis EX2200 Advanced Features -BGP, MPLS, ISIS Advanced Features -BGP, MPLS, ISIS Advanced Features -BGP, MPLS, ISIS 10 GbE Uplinks 10 GbE Uplinks 10 GbE Uplinks Layer 3, PoE+ and Junos Layer 3 – OSPF, PIM, IGMP Layer 3 – OSPF, PIM, IGMP Layer 3 – OSPF, PIM, IGMP Layer 3 – OSPF, PIM, IGMP 160G VC ISSU PoE/PoE+, MacSec, EEE PoE/PoE+, PoE/PoE+, MacSec, EEE PoE/PoE+ 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 VC-Lite Virtual Chassis Chassis JUNOS JUNOS JUNOS JUNOS <100 ports Branch & small wiring closet <480 ports Entry-level solution <480 ports Premium solution <350 ports Premium modular platform


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