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“7 Marks of a Champion” “All Champions are Leaders – but not all Leaders are Champions”

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1 “7 Marks of a Champion” “All Champions are Leaders – but not all Leaders are Champions”

2 INTRODUCTION Champion = “Someone who stands between two armies.” Spiritual Champion = “Someone able to discern the Divine priority of every moment in every situation.” Principle: Champions are born, developed but most all summoned when the cause for which they were born arises – destiny!

3 I. Champions - Prepare in Secret Found faithful in the “prayer closet” before summoned to the battlefield. Developed 4 skills in the closet (sheepfold) 1. Skillful musician – Praise 2. Man of valor – “means” provision 3. Warrior – confident in the fight of faith 4. Ability to speak – confession was right

4 II. Champions – Not the product of a protected Environment Attacked by bears & lions yet prevailed. Your assignment is the only place you provision is guaranteed. David brought order and victory in every situation by using God’s universal, battle- tested weapon of victory – His Word.

5 III. Champions stay on the Offense Notice position of the Giant: 17:8 “come down to me.” 17:28 “Have you seen the man who has come up?” Two lessons Giant killers must learn: 1. If you don’t stay on the offense and run toward the enemy he will come to you. 2. Confidence gives courage to show up – trust gives you the strength to stay till you win.

6 IV. Champions Learn what to Ignore and what to Pursue David ignored: 1. Condescending brothers 2. Threat of defeat 3. Backslidden King’s advice & armor Identify & eliminate, timewasters - people and activities. Abandon abusive relationships. Basement vs. Balcony people. Pursue Victory (Glory of God) Goliath simple got in the way!

7 V. Champions decide what to Magnify and what to Minimize What you tolerate you will not change. What are you tolerating? David minimized the threat. “Faith is not ignoring present reality but minimizing its effect on God’s reality.” David magnified the Lord over situation David magnified the Lord thru worship: 1. Passion for His presence 2. Passion for Word of God 3. Passion His assignment

8 VI. Champions focus on Today and Tomorrow – not Yesterday Focus on the opportunities of Today and the possibilities of Tomorrow. Never focus on the pain and disappointments of yesterday and fears about tomorrow. God never consults your past to determine your future. 3 kinds of people invade your life – yesterday, today and tomorrow. REMEMBER: People God used yesterday or today…may have no place in your tomorrow.

9 VII. Champions produce other Champions 2 Samuel 21:15-22 Everything reproduces “after its own kind” Genesis 1:22-25 Tak es a Champion to make a Champion * No giant-killers in Saul’s army * David produced other giant-killers Hang with giant-killers. Pray for the rest.

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