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Late Seventies And doing justice to the Americans… Grand Funk Railroad? Blue Oyster Cult?

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1 Late Seventies And doing justice to the Americans… Grand Funk Railroad? Blue Oyster Cult?

2 Lynyrd Skynyrd, or southern rock „Confederate rock”, working class Characteristic sound Was I Right or Wrong?, from 1978 First and last –Cassette (bonus after Gimme back my Bullets, 1975) Half the band died in plane crash, 1977 Gimme back my Bullets, from 1976 eponymous album – _ZqdbI&feature=related _ZqdbI&feature=related For your interest, The Last Rebel from a much later album – XpeDWNI&feature=related XpeDWNI&feature=related

3 Was I Right or Wrong Like a restless leaf, in the autumn breeze Once I was a tumblin’ weed Like a rollin’ stone, cold and all alone Living for the day my train would come Never cared for school or any golden rules Papa used to always say I was a useless fool So I left my home to show ’em they was wrong And headed out on the road singing my song Then one sunny day, the man, he looked my way And everything that I dreamed of, it was real Money, girls and cars, and big long cigars And I caught the first plane home so papa would see When I went home to show ’em they was wrong All that I found was two tombstones Somebody tell me please was I right or wrong Oh, such a sad song First I got lost, then I got found But the ones that I love are in the ground Papa I only wish you could see me now Take a listen papa Whoo, I learnt how to play my guitar Gonna be a superstar Play one for momma now First I got lost, then I got found The ones I love are in the ground Won’t you tell me please was I right or wrong If there’s any way you can hear what I say Papa, I never meant to do you wrong All the money, girls and cars and all the world’s long cigars Papa, I just want you to know they couldn’t take your place

4 Kansas, or conglomerate rock Recruited from around Topeka, Kansas Closet Chronicles, from Point of Know Return album 1977 (cassette) – (British?) rock press hostility "a wan and ridiculous rehash of the bargain-basement exoticism employed by the British art-rock crowd." Really masterminded by businessman Don Kirshner? Talented keyboardist, violinist Similar bands considered bland, pompous and fake were Styx, Journey and Canadian Rush Major hit: Dust in the Wind – –Beautiful, isn’t it? Baroque rock? Half the band turned to born-again christianity, Vynil confessions 1982 Which band do they sound like in this song? – Or in this one? –

5 Closet Chronicles Once carried through the current And being swept away The king is in the closet He's hiding from today And though he owns all fortunes This room is where he'll stay And his world is filled with darkness, turning grey Gazing out the window Of the 42nd second floor He is separate from all others No one knocks upon his door And it might as well be raining 'cause the sunlight hurts his eyes And his ears will never hear the children's cries Once proud and full of passion He fought the cause of man Many people loved his courage Many followed his command He changed the old into the new And the course of things to come And then one day they noticed he was gone At first it didn't matter Nobody seemed to care They all became too busy To find him anywhere do no one knew hot even him

6 Closet Chronicles cont’d The problems he would find On the day he journeyed deep into his mind I close my eyes I go far away Away from this battlefield In my dreams well here I will enjoy it Where innocence plays with all the laughing children The kind who are crying right now A taste of freedom from the pain Of everything here I see Life is sweet but I took it all for granted And now I don't know if I could even tell you Just what we permit, we allow Allow me to forget the life I've made my own I've held this nation in my hand And yet it's not my home Allow me just one answer just one reason why Why this refugee of the family of man must die Tell me why Daydreams filled his nighttimes And night dreams filled his days Confusion and uncertainty A puzzled mind of haze You thought he was so powerful And set upon his ways Well he left us all to travel through this maze I heard the king was dying I heard the king was dead And with him died the chronicles That no one ever read The closet's fully empty now It's occupied by none I'll draw the drapes now destiny is done

7 Heart, a West-coast women’s band Sisters Ann and Nacy Wilson –Ann sought satisfaction in music because of childhood stammer! Hard rock, heavy metal and folk music Crazy on you, from 1976 debut, Dreamboat Annie –cassette –Full album Barracuda, from 1977 Little Queen – Onw&feature=related Onw&feature=related Bebe le Strange, from eponymous album, 1980 – HoM&feature=related HoM&feature=related –Which band from the course was fairly clearly their masters?

8 Crazy On You lyrics We may still have time We might still get by Every time I think about it I want to cry With the bombs and the devils And the kids keep coming Nowhere to breathe time to be young But I tell myself that I'm doing alright There's nothing left to do tonight but go crazy on you My love is the evening breeze touching your skin The gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind The whisper that calls, after you in the night And kisses your ear in the early light You don't need to wonder, you're doing fine And my love, the pleasure's mine Let me go crazy on you Wild man's world is crying in pain What you gonna do when everybody's insane So afraid of fortune, so afraid of you What you gonna do? Crazy on you, let me go crazy on you I was willow last night in my dream I bent down over a clear running stream I sang you the song that i heard up above And you keep me alive with your sweet flowing love Crazy, crazy on you, Let me go crazy, crazy on you

9 The Eagles, or soft (Californian) rock Very successful band, not always soft, who could do no wrong in the 1970s. No other American band sold more records. Hotel California, from eponymous album 1976 – CG88 CG88 Outlaw Man, from 1973 Desperado – e98&feature=BFa&list=AL94UKMTqg- 9BxkPteGt2eH1Y45r9fl80- e98&feature=BFa&list=AL94UKMTqg- 9BxkPteGt2eH1Y45r9fl80-

10 The fifth BBC video sequel As you watch, quitetly note down the names of the performers who invaded the US (again). What music was mainstream in America, to be waged war against, at the end of the 1970s? Backwardness? Long-haired conventionalism? What does it say was the new British invasion? Why was it diffcult for Americans to understand punk? What was the American pretence – as the critic says -- that prevented them from understanding? Why was the Sex Pistols only a trojan horse? Why were the Brits frustrated and angry? What was the cause, do you think, of the seething anger, as the video states? What was the role of American radio stations in maintaining/perpetuating music the new wave Brits thought was outdated? What do we learn about the early days of MTV? –

11 Homework Listening to the music identified here Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, Heart and Eagles readings –Critics critical appreciation –Comparison with your own insights Watching BBC video on previous slide –Answering comprehension questions.

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