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Personal Stylist 2015. If you are interested in the world of women’s apparel, being your own boss and are looking for a career or a part time opportunity.

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1 Personal Stylist 2015

2 If you are interested in the world of women’s apparel, being your own boss and are looking for a career or a part time opportunity consider becoming a stylist for Ava Rose Designs. Here’s how! Personal Stylist ARD is seeking out Personal Stylists for spring 2014. We are currently interviewing individuals interested in the world of fashion who are searching for that perfect part-time opportunity. You can be your own boss, set your own hours and work from home while social selling. Our Personal Stylist will have the opportunity to earn income at their own pace through hosting “Style Events” with friends, family, and fellow employees. As an ARD Personal Stylist, you are the fashion expert for friends and family. You are also an entrepreneur. Personal Stylists can build their own team of Personal Stylists and earn additional income along the way. Ava Rose Designs Personal Stylist Program

3 Ava Rose Designs …….. Your lifestyle brand The Product Our team at Ava Rose Designs has worked hard to produce quality apparel for women. At the core of this brand is a desire to create flattering, affordable, quality, one-of-kind designs that enhance confidence, accentuate self-esteem and inspire genuine compliments. These on-trend styles have created their own special niche and have built a core customer base in this fast growing industry. A portion of the textiles have been created and designed by Melanie (Owner) and her sister Michelle. All textile and apparel production is currently made in the USA. One of kind, originally designed in- house prints! MADE IN THE USA!

4 Financial Opportunity Our compensation plan is built to maximize the earning potential of our Personal Stylists. This earning potential comes from direct sales, building your own team, and accomplishing personal monthly sales goals as well as achieving monthly company sales incentives. Monthly Compensation: Stylists have the opportunity to increase their commissions as high as 30%+ through our monthly bonus program as well as grow* their teams. Base Commission = 20% Build Your Team (2+ Stylist) = 6% (3%/ea.) Monthly Sales Bonus = 2-3% Additional Monthly Bonus = $50-$200 Initial Investment $299 Show me the Money! 2 Easy Payments!

5 The Closets All Personal Stylists are expected to purchase 1 closet per season or 2 per year. These Closets have been designed to maximize your selling opportunities while minimizing your out of pocket expenses. They include samples in various sizing in addition to jewelry items as well as marketing materials. Personal Stylists can either provide their own clothing rack and hangers or purchase these items through ARD. These closets are just a starting point for each Personal Stylist. Stylists have the opportunity to purchase additional items including marketing materials can be purchased to round out the closet based on the needs of their customer at a discount. Closets vary from season to season. So …What’s in your closet? Additional Discounts! Have the opportunity to build your own free wardrobe this season!

6 Who are our Stylists? Entrepreneurial, social networking women looking for something fun and exciting part time or full-time with flexibility and financial opportunity. Ambassadors to the brand and in order to grow their business financially it’s their responsibility to focus on building their team. Local experts when it comes to piecing together your wardrobe, being a one-stop shop, your door to door service focused on no- pressure sales. All Personal Stylists contractually agree to purchase 2 Closets per year (spring and fall seasons). All Personal Stylists are encouraged to host a minimum of 2 Style Events per season. The more events booked the more compensation earned and incentive opportunities exist. All Personal Stylists are Independent Contractors and not employees of Ava Rose Designs Cultivate and inspire women on our designs and what works best for their wardrobe Advocate business opportunities within our organization to help build the brand and grow your income “I like Ava Rose Designs because it is fun, on-trend and affordable.” Amy/Personal Stylist-Monticello, Indiana Thanks for the check. It brought tears to my eyes having so much fun to earn the same as holiday gift wrapping in a store for 60 hours:) you are doing great things. Thanksgiving blessings to you all! XO Megan/Personal Stylist-Atlanta Melissa/Personal Stylist-Phoenix, Arizona “I think the Personal Stylist Program is a great opportunity for women who love clothes and being social. Being a PS for ARD gives me something fun and engaging to do outside of the home that works with my families schedules."

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