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What’s YOUR Super Power? #VolunteerWestside Volunteer Orientation 2013-2014.

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1 What’s YOUR Super Power? #VolunteerWestside Volunteer Orientation 2013-2014

2 GET LISD APPROVED! Visit to (re-) register to be a volunteer. You must be an approved volunteer to help out at school, in the classrooms, or go on field trips. You must renew your application EVERY YEAR.

3 GET YOUR NAME BADGE Approved volunteers can now print their own name badges. This is easier and faster than requesting one and checking in at school. 1. Log in as a "Returning Volunteer" on the LISD Volunteer site. 2. Click Print Badge. The link will open a small box. Click "Print Badge" to print your name tag! 3. Bring your badge with you to campus and get your badge holder in the front office.

4 Volunteer Sign-In/Out Sign in with the front office secretary via: – Driver’s License for a printed nametag – Show Volunteer Name Badge (can be kept in office) Sign out when you leave, if before 2:45. Sign-in is required for the safety of our school. Sign-in also logs your volunteer hours! – Please log hours outside of school or school hours manually via the PTA website.

5 Restrooms Never use the kids restrooms. Please use: – Main office bathrooms (enter through the work room, not front office) – Teacher bathrooms in the neighborhoods

6 Community Room PTA Closet The Community Room – Across from the library and is a common area for volunteer work. – Room must be cleaned up and tables back together use for after-school programs. – Please keep children from entering teachers lounge when in CR. The PTA Closet – Door in rear of the cafeteria. Locks when closed. – PTA has the back section of the closet only. (Custodial staff & YMCA use front section) – All PTA supplies are kept here. – Closet key kept in front office. A PTA Board Member can unlock or approve use of closet key. Please return!!

7 Teachers Work Room Next to the teacher’s lounge Teachers’ boxes for paper/gift distribution PTA box for forms, mail, reimbursements, etc. Bulletin board paper and equipment available Copier – PTA Board members can acquire a key card and code for copies, if approved by office staff. Die Cutter – Get a how-to before use. Keep little ones out of this room or under very close supervision.

8 LISD Volunteer Handbook

9 Westside PTA/Volunteer Site Click Volunteer! All Volunteer info is here. Check this page for upcoming volunteer opportunities! (and watch your inbox) See also: – Watch D.O.G.S. page – Log Volunteer Hours page – Student Information page

10 We are trying out VolunteerSpot! Beta-testing for upcoming volunteer sign-ups Intended to be an easy way to schedule, sign-up and manage volunteering for events. Look for VolSpot buttons (or links) to VolSpot schedules posted to the Volunteer page. No account needed to sign up. Just name/email. VolSpot reminds you of sign-ups automatically. Easy calendar-add function (free) and VolSpot mobile app ($1.99) are both handy! Please contact me with problems or questions using VS!

11 Sign Up For Events of Interest! Follow Me for a Quick Tour!

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