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WRITING INSIDE THE BOX Edmond Public Schools Language Arts Curriculum Department.

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1 WRITING INSIDE THE BOX Edmond Public Schools Language Arts Curriculum Department

2 Edmond Public Schools All contents of this PowerPoint have been created for exclusive use in Edmond Public Schools’ classrooms. They may not be copied and/or reproduced for use in any other setting.

3 I like to think outside the box! I’m full of surprises. You never know what to expect from me! That means being different!

4 I’m the Four-Square writing box. Think outside of me, but write inside of me!

5 What exactly do you mean by process? Writing Process: Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing

6 Oh. OK. Process – Definition: a systematic series of actions a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner a series of progressive and interdependent steps by which an end is attained

7 … so process writing means going through a series of steps … right? Wow. I don’t plan or revise or edit; I just write it and let the teacher do his job! Isn’t that OK with teachers? What else do they have to do anyway?

8 …coffee breath… Yes, sir, I hear you! You are not my editor!

9 Man, some teachers have a real attitude. This one wants me to PLAN and REVISE. My last one, though, gave me “Great!” on everything, and I just slopped it down on paper at the last minute! Isn’t there any consistency in grading?

10 Why, yes! Teachers should use rubrics. The more often, the better. The more consistent, the better. The more holistic, the better.

11 I don’t like to be told how to grade my students’ writing! I have my own methods, and I don’t want to use common rubrics and a common writing formula! It takes away my creativity! …no freedom…

12 …no consistency… yi yi yi yi yi…that makes me nervous every year…

13 I want my readers to notice my good writing! Good writing will permit your readers to concentrate on your ideas!

14 Good traffic planning and good road maintenance permit drivers to concentrate on their driving. Avoid Covell between Coltrane and Kelly.

15 Masterful layering of flavors, meticulous planning, and careful implementation of the recipe will permit the diners to concentrate on the taste of your dish.

16 Thoughtful selection of a building site, informed choice of a contractor, collaborative development of a floor plan, and careful overseeing of the building operation will permit your family to enjoy the new home of their dreams.

17 The careful selection of an interesting topic; the deep development of the idea with elaboration and detail; the unified transition from one idea to another; and the wise use of sentence variation, word choice, and grammar will invite your readers to celebrate your ideas.

18 OK. Brainstorm (plan ahead), and then use the process, stopping to revise and edit. My teachers will assess my writing only when I have “processed” it. They will use rubrics to help me understand how I can improve. Hey, why can’t I see the rubric before I write?

19 You can, and you should. Go to to see all of the rubrics for every mode of writing for every grade level.

20 I do want to write well! Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, aaaah! You must want to produce good writing.

21 I can do it! Pfbbbbbbtt! Ooh, ooh ahhh! You must believe that you can produce good writing.

22 First, though, you need strategy, a plan. You need a formula for writing. You need to choose an approach to writing. Choose a tactic and stick with it. Which organizational structure will you use? I like 4 ƀ.

23 Every endeavor in life requires a plan. Hey, Coach, what’s our game plan?

24 Plan ahead! Google has 1,970,000 hits for the key words PLAN AHEAD. Yeah, plan ahe

25 OFFICE FLOOR PLAN NEW SCHOOL BLUEPRINTS LAND SURVEY LESSON PLAN Hey, I’ve got the blueprints here! You’re right; they didn’t put any doors on the faculty restrooms either.

26 What is a city’s master plan? CITY’S MASTER PLAN BUSINESS STRATEGY INSURANCE PLAN ARGUMENT TACTIC BATTLE PLAN Alright! You win! Do you plan your arguments?

27 VACATION PLANS RED VELVET CAKE RECIPE CLASS SYLLABUS CARPOOL SCHEDULE Joyce, this is Dan; I’m still sick (cough, cough) – do you have the number for Subfinder… What is a city’s master plan?

28 First History Ancient: Grid Pattern Like in ancient Iran Romans: Central Plaza City goes out toward defensive wall Renaissance:Star-shaped city Surrounds fortress Also Growth Management Building Sizes Square ft./1 or 2 story Zoning Restrictions Residential and commercial Business and Industry Guidelines Tax incentives to attract Third Safety Crime Transportation Emergency Finally A well-managed, safely planned grid-style city will provide a pleasant lifestyle for its inhabitants. Today’s modern cities require careful layout and design, growth management, and safety planning. More like 4 th, 5 th gr. More like 1 st, 2nd, 3 rd gr.

29 Mary meets today with us, the architect, and the contractor. Let’s build a house, honey. Where, darling? Yes! Do you like that floor plan, dear? Yes! Let’s call our friend Mary. D o you like that pretty acreage, love? Yes, she’s a home builder. This is just the start of a lot of planning, baby! How Normal People Plan Inside the Box…

30 I hate to write rough drafts! When you are arguing or discussing something, do you ever have to say, “…no, that’s not what I meant! I mean…” You are REVISING your argument. When your home was being built, did any of the subcontractors ever make an error and have to come back to fix it? When you are teaching, do you ever miscalculate and have to REVISE your lesson plan?

31 Almost all good writing starts out bad. Plan your writing by (1.) Getting your ideas down on paper; (2.) Elaborating on your ideas; and (3.) Using an organizational structure (4-Square, for example,) every time you write.

32 Draft and revise by (1.) Spilling the beans at the end of the introduction; (2.) Using one idea per paragraph, please; and (3.) Writing fast, but rewriting slowly.

33 Editing: (1.) Edit you’re spelling; you’re *apparent I.Q. drops 10 points for every homophone misteak. (Get it?) (2.) Ask for editing help only when you have finished the paper and fixed all of the problems. *apparent I.Q. - How smart people think you are Do they thank their making since?

34 Paragraph 2 Puzzle Piece = Transition word Reason, sample, or example Detail Paragraph 3 Puzzle Piece = Transition word Reason, sample, or example Detail Vivid Additionally Squirrel is an attractive dish to serve to your guests. Roasted golden brown on pretty platter of yams and horseradish Fried crispy with batter on bed of mustard greens Creole style jambalaya w/spicy red sauce Puzzle Piece = Transition word Wrap-up sentence Main idea sentence (Thesis statement) This becomes Paragraph 1 (Introduction). Enough detail for 1 st, 2 nd, and some of 3 rd. Add “vivids” for deeper elaboration in 4 th, 5 th. That’s how it looks all done (details only, no vivids).

35 2 nd Grade (Narrative) The honey that was mising One day a little bear went to the store. He boute two pots of honey. He came home with it. He put them in the frigerater. Then he went to bed. The next morning the honey was gone. So he called his nabers and they broute ther dog. Off they went. They looked in the julre store. It was not ther.

36 2 nd Grade (Expository Essay) Bat Facts Bats are flying mammals. Bat wings are made of leathery skin over bone. Bats live in dark places such as caves or under the eaves of buildings. Most bats are nocturnal witch means they are activ at night. Some bats hibernate and some migrate. There are two main groups of bats: The megabats are large fruit-eating bats. The microbats are small insect-eating bats. Insect eating bats use echolocating to safele fly at night and to catch their pray. Fruit-eating bats rely on sight to fly. They find food by using sight and smell.

37 One reason Flying Mammals Wings leathery skin over bone ___?_____ Another reason Habitat Live in dark places (caves, under eaves of buildings) Some hibernate and some migrate ____?____ Finally Habits Nocturnal (active at night) Megabats (large fruit- eating/sight,smell for prey) Microbats (small insect-eating/ echolocation for prey) Bats are interesting because these flying mammals have fascinating living conditions and habits. Bats are fascinating.

38 2 nd Grade (Descriptive? Expository?) Untitled Someday I want to go to Mt. Everest and I want to climb to the very top and I’d see the world. Someday I want to go see the Grand Canyon and I want to walk the whole thing by foot. Someday I want to go to see the Great Bairery Reif.

39 2 nd Grade (Narrative Essay) The Long Day First I ride the bus home. I sit with Tiffany. The bus ride is so boring. Next I watch tv and eat a shack. I eat chips and dip. I watch saved By the bell. Then I practice the piano. I play My Favorite Things. I play superkalefraglstikekspaldoshes. Last I clean my room. I make my bed. I clean my closet. And that was my Long Day.

40 First (Event) Bus ride home (Detail) Sit with Tiffany (Detail) Bus ride is boring (Detail) ___?______ Next (Event)Watch TV and eat snack (Detail) Chip and dip (Detail) Saved by the Bell (Detail) __?_____ Then (Event) Practice piano and clean room (Detail) Play Fav.Things and Superkalefraglstik… (Detail) Make bed (Detail) Clean closet (Big Ending) And that was my long day. (Details if needed) The Long Day Who? Kelsi What? Long day Where? At home When? After school Why? To tell what happened

41 2 nd Grade (Expository Essay) Untitled The u.s.a is on the continent of North America. Texes is a very Beautiful place to live Because almost every day you can go outside and play. Oklahoma is curvy at the bottom Because the red river is right there. I Like living in the u.s.a Because we all have freeDom.

42 The u.s.a is on the continent of north America. Texes is a very Beautiful Place to live in Because almost every day you can go outside and play. Oklahoma is curvy at the Bottom Because the red river is right there. I Like living in the U.S.A Because we all have freeDom. United States of America.

43 2 nd Grade (Expository) The United States of America We are on the country of North America. The U.S.A. is the free country. The country bird is the Bald Eagle. My Grama and Grampa live in Albama. My Annt lives in Colorado. I all ways go to Vale in the summer. Oklahoma has two football teames-OU- OSU. Oklahoma has the Red River. Oklahoma is shaped as a panhandle. I like the U.S.A. I love Oklahoma. I like the world.

44 3 rd Grade (Descriptive) Untitled It’s 3:05 p.m. June 1 st, 2007. I’m going to my bus line. I’ll soon be home for the summer. In a while I’ll be thinking about fourth grade and how ready I am. Reading is one of my special attributes. Working on my own is a strength I have. Being an excellent student is also one of my specialties. One reason I’m prepared for fourth grade is my reading ability. My Star Student Reading Test score is 5.9. I have a good imagination so I can picture the things that are going on in stories. I can read for a long time without getting up.

45 I have read several Gregor the Overlander books, and I’ve also read Peter and the Starcatchers. Have you read those books? Another reason I’m prepared for fourth grade is my inner motivation. I complete my homework on time. I work hard for good grades. I’m a terrific role model to my friends. Last of all, I’m an excelent student. I’m as flexible as a garden hose laying in the sun. I can do whatever I need to do. I’m a very honest person. And, I always persevere in whatever I need to accomplish.

46 So now that you know how terrific I am in reading, working on my own, and being an excellent student, you would be lucky to have me in your class. Don’t you agree?

47 5 th Grade (Expository) The Chargers “I’m a Chisholm Charger. My goals are three: respect, success, responsibility.” This is our Chisholm motto; we say it every morning. Our mascot is Chargie and C.J., Chargie Jr. Every Tuesday we celebrate our Chisholm pride! Respect, the first word in our motto explains that we share respect. First, you learn it you earn it. Second, respect other people’s property. Third, respect the rules that other people tell you.

48 Success, the second word in our motto explains that we are successful. First, Chargers work hard until they succeed. Second, we dream big so we have a challenge to succeed. Third, we plan ahead so when we meet bumps in the road, we can overcome them. Responsibility, the last word in our motto explains we are responsible enough to take on large tasks. First, all of us accept large tasks and do them right. Second, we obey the teachers’ rules even when they’re not looking, Third, we accept our consequences for our actions.

49 Finally, we say the motto every morning to show our pride. There once was an Oreo hanging above the clock in the media center; it symbolized our motto. We say this because our goals are three: respect, success, responsibility.

50 Can you think outside the box but write inside the box?

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