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La Belle Époque The fairy-tale state of mind of the privileged classes occurring between 1890 - 1914.

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1 La Belle Époque The fairy-tale state of mind of the privileged classes occurring between 1890 - 1914

2 Origins took place during a period of world peace was the product of a new class that had acquired wealth through the industrial revolution and technological advances based on a new kind of order imposed by an insecure privileged class

3 Characteristics Denial of the grim realities of life Embrace of manners and etiquette Rejection of showing any kind of emotions Deification of technology

4 Dormitory at a Russian factory

5 Salvation Army “coffins” were used as beds for the destitute.

6 Poor children were dependent on collective soup kitchens.

7 Children at work under terrible conditions

8 Welsh mine workers

9 Ascot

10 Fashions seen at Ascot, 1905

11 Sandown

12 A prim and proper British Edwardian family

13 The “Gibson Girl” image of the beautiful, well-bred woman with upswept hair and tiny waist was created by the American cartoonist Charles Dana Gibson and inspired by his wife.

14 The grim reality of a poor family

15 The children of the wealthy were brought up by servants and had little contact with their parents.

16 Diana of Dobsons, a play based on the grind and squalor of the London shop girl. Shop assistants worked long hours for low pay. Their work was physically exhausting and demanded considerable concentration as well as the effort of maintaining an air of politeness.

17 Chicago’s 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition

18 The 1900 Paris World’s Fair Exposition Universelle

19 The Machine Gallery

20 National Idiosyncrasies Characteristics

21 France

22 Pursuit of pleasure, culture, and beauty

23 Paris was the fashion capital of the world

24 Marcel Proust His novel Remembrance of Things Past revealed that beneath the surface of French refinement, there existed all kinds of vulgar and perverse behaviors.

25 England

26 Pursuit of power through the colonization of one quarter of the world African banana plantation

27 Queen Victoria King Edward VII (1819 – 1901)(1841-1910)

28 Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas Oscar Wilde refused to play by Victorian rules. When he publicly came “out of the closet”, he was condemned to jail.

29 United States

30 Pursuit of wealth The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

31 Consuelo Vanderbilt (1876–1964) was “sold” to the highest title in England.

32 Forces that Destroyed La Belle Époque Anarchism Artists and intellectuals The suffragette movement Technology World War I

33 Anarchism Anarchists did not believe in the rule of law. As many as five heads of states were assassinated by anarchists. President McKinley’s assassination (1901).

34 A police file card of a Russian woman suspected to be an anarchist

35 Artists and Intellectuals began to question the accepted rules and ideas explored the interior world of the psyche as well as the hypocrisy of society created their own conventions Sigmund Freud

36 Freud’s couch

37 The Suffragette Movement Women wanted equal rights and the right to vote. Women protested their dehumanization into men’s “playthings”. Protestor being led away by bobbies

38 A suffragette on a hunger strike in prison being force-fed

39 Emeline Pankhurst, founder of the British suffragette movement

40 Emily Davison threw herself under the King’s Derby horse Anmer on June 4, 1913.

41 Technology was deified by La Belle Époque was the means of living a more leisurely life style leveled class barriers when it became more accessible to many turned treachorous when used to create the new WW I weaponry

42 Entrance to the 1900 Paris World Fair

43 Interior, 1900 Paris World Fair

44 German three-phase motors and transformer factory

45 Ford Motors auto workers’ assembly line

46 The front page of the New York Times, April 16, 1912

47 World War I The reality of the war could not be kept at bay by the privileged classes. Many aristocrats and rich people volunteered and were killed.

48 Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand The Archduke had just visited the victims of a bomb intended for him when Gavrilo Princip stepped out of the crowd and killed him. Gavrilo Princip being apprehended by Serbian police.

49 The European Powers, many of whom were related by blood, attended Archduke Ferdinand’s funeral in Vienna.

50 The reality of World War I

51 The end of La Belle Époque

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