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City of Ember Chapters 1 - 20 Review Game READY….GOOD LUCK!

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1 City of Ember Chapters Review Game READY….GOOD LUCK!

2 Who made the city of Ember? a)The Slaves b)The Architects c)The Builders d)The Founders

3 Who kept the instructions for leaving the City of Ember? a) The oldest person in Ember b) The commissioners c) The mayor d) The chief builder

4 What happened on assignment day? a) Students picked a job from a small cloth sack. b) The mayor of Ember assigned jobs to the students based on their skills. c) Students were allowed to pick job assignments based on their talents.

5 Which of the following is the correct definition for ‘flank’: a) The right or left side of a military formation b) To move furtively; sneak; lie in wait; hang about; creep around

6 Which of the following jobs was considered to be bad? a) greenhouse helper b) shoe shiner c) messenger d) pipeworks laborer

7 Which of the following words is a synonym for ‘fall’: a)Hoist b)Plummet c)Flank d)sift

8 What job did Granny have? a) Granny worked in the greenhouses planting vegetables. b) Granny was the mayor’s secretary c) Granny unraveled sweaters and picked apart clothes so people could use them to make new clothes.

9 How did Lina’s mother die? a) Giving birth to Poppy. b) choking on creamed corn. c) she and Lina’s father died in a airplane crash.

10 Granny died and they could not live alone. Why did Lina and Poppy begin staying with Mrs. Murdo?

11 How was Doon to find his way around the Pipeworks? a) Doon used a compass. b) Signs were painted throughout the Pipeworks. c) All workers were supplied with a map.

12 Rock-a-bye Baby What song did Mrs. Murdo sing for Poppy?

13 Doon's father made his living by _____________. a) delivering vegetables b) guarding the mayor c) repairing the generator d) selling small parts

14 What hobby does Doon have? a) studying insects b) collecting bottle caps c) drawing pictures of people

15 Lina thought the instructions were ______. a) directions for building the city b) a recipe from the first people in Ember c) directions for saving the city d) someone's homework

16 As a child Granny visited the storerooms in Ember with her classmates. The supplies looked like they would never run out. Granny loved one fruit. It was _____________. a) apples b) pears c) peaches d) pineapple

17 After trying to decode the message Lina found an important word. What was it? a) Harken Square b) Gathering Hall c) Pipeworks d) Library

18 What did Lina and Doon see on the other side of the locked door? a) They saw a tunnel leading out of Ember. b) They saw a supply closet full of needed materials for Ember. c) They were unable to get inside.

19 While Granny was sick Lina and Poppy ______. a) played hide-and-seek b) drew pictures c) read stories d) played with dolls

20 An antonym for ‘vague’ is: a)Fuzzy b)Hazy c)Definite d)unfashionable

21 What did Lina and Doon think the string on the candle was for? a)To tie it to your pants b)To tie the matches to c)To light on fire

22 The ___________ is betraying the city. a)Builder b)Believer c)Mayor d)Guard

23 What is the name of the girl who’s hair was like a big red cloud? a)Poppy b)Lina c)Maggie d)Lizzie

24 The box with the instructions What was the thing Granny didn’t recall but was searching for?

25 Who found the message that Lina and Doon threw down the hole? a)Doon’s father b)Mrs. Murdo c)the mayor

26 What fruit did Lina and Doon find in the new world? a)Pineapple b)Apple c)Plum d)Grapes

27 So he could get close to the generator and fix it Why did Doon want to work in the pipeworks?

28 What was the name of the person who gave Lina the message, “Delivery at eight.”? a)The head guard b)The mayor c)Looper d)Doon

29 The Song of the River, the Song of Ember and the Song of Darkness What were the 3 names of the songs for The Singing?

30 Where were the boats to escape from Ember? a)In the locker room b)In the boat room by the river c)In the generator

31 Where was the key to the boat room hidden? a)In a small steel pan b)In a small steel panel c)Under a plant

32 With paperclips and string How were the books in the library bound together?

33 She did not have sunlight or special UV lights for plants to grow in her appartment Why didn’t Lina’s bean that Clary gave her begin to sprout?

34 exit Egress means____________________.

35 fire Doon went to the Library to research _________.

36 What price did Looper say that the colored pencils cost? a)$2.00 each b)$5.00 total c)$5.00 each d)$10.00

37 In Granny’s closet, Poppy was chewing on it. Where did Lina find the box with the instructions?

38 Doon thinks the word “Hogwash” means… a)To wash a hog (pig) b)To be dirty c)nonsense

39 Where did Doon find the worm? a)Tomato leaf b)Cabbage leaf c)Orange leaf d)Beet leaf

40 Where did the guards catch Lina? a)In the greenhouses b)In the school c)In the library d)In the library passageway

41 Lina laughed at Doon after he plummeted from the lamppost when they were younger. Why were Lina and Doon mad at eachother and not very good friends?

42 What happened to the chief builder’s plan for the box? a)It worked! b)The 4 th mayor died before he could pass on the box. c)The 7 th mayor died before he could pass on the box.

43 No Did Lina and Doon go to The Singing?

44 What two colored pencils did Lina buy from Looper’s store? a)Red and yellow b)Blue and green c)Blue and yellow d)Purple and pink

45 True True or False: Ember is underground.

46 Crawling and Flying Things What is the title of Doon’s bug book?

47 The longest blackout was ______ minutes long. a)3 b)15 c)7 d)10

48 A blackout What happened to help Lina escape from the Mayor’s office?

49 Who did Lina and Doon discover in the locked room with many supplies? a)Doon’s father b)The chief guard c)The mayor d)Lizzie

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