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Visual Information Services and VIOS Requests Overview.

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1 Visual Information Services and VIOS Requests Overview

2 The Minnesota National Guard Visual Information (VI) mission is to acquire and provide the Adjutant General, Joint Staff (JS), military departments and commanders with record documentation, multimedia/VI products and services to satisfy official requirements for military events and activities. VI support is limited to official events or activities. The priority set for VI support will be established with consideration to mission, cost effectiveness and the quality and quantity of products and services available. The use of VI products, equipment, or facilities for other than official purposes, such as loaning equipment to local and state governments or nonprofit organizations meeting on government property, is at the discretion of the local commander in accordance with (IAW) Army Regulation (AR) 700-131, AR 735-5 and AR 25-1. VI products assist commanders at all levels, from tactical and operational commanders to by providing a visual record of significant Minnesota National Guard events and activities. Visual images are used in tactical C2 decision making, strategic planning and management through presentations and reports. Doctrinal, combat, materiel and training developers use VI records for analysis and in reports and briefings to support military programs. VI products can be used for historical purposes to document training, educational, research, logistical, personnel, medical and legal activities.

3 Specific Visual Information services are as follows: Still photography. Producing, processing, and reproducing still picture film, print and slide transparencies for military events and activities. To includes taking and processing DA Photos and Command Photos. Video. Producing and reproducing video recordings, CDs and DVDs packages. To include briefings, internal news clips, operational documentation (OPDOC), video reports and stand-alone video segments, with or without sound for military events and activities. Graphic Art & Design. Designing, creating, and preparing two and three dimensional visual products. To include charts, graphs, posters, visual materials for brochures, covers, television, motion pictures, printed publications, displays, presentations and exhibits that are prepared manually, by machine or by computer sound for military events and activities. Audio. Recording, producing, reproducing and distributing sound in support of a military event or activity. To include recording of briefings, news clips, ambient sound, sound effects, reports, documentation, aural amplification and other studio products for military events and activities.

4 Visual Information VIOS Requests If your Visual Information VIOS request is not listed as an option in the VIOS drop down menu pick the closest available option for your specific request. Then provide Visual Information more detail on your specific request in the “special instructions” narrative section. It is also recommended that you call Visual Information at 651-282- 4410 once you have submitted your VIOS request to confirm your request is clearly understood.

5 Creating a VIOS Account Visual Information Requests

6 Print this page to aid with registration Go to this website and input the requested information.

7 Continuation from VIOS website The CAC accessible web address is Non CAC accessible is

8 Click this side of the U.S.

9 Use this certificate.


11 Select installation Minnesota ARNG click Continue.

12 Click here

13 Fill in this information. You only have to do this once unless information changes. Select Org level closet to your own.

14 Fill in this information. Depending on what your request, will dictate what the follow on information required.

15 Example to follow for Web updates


17 Select Design/Graphic Service Enter Justification- Web Update Click Next

18 Select Display or Publication Then select “other” in the drop down menu. S elect the indoor button and quantity can be 1 -unless you have more significantly more changes Name the “other” product something Browse to attach a computer file with information about your request Click Add Product and wait for it to populate as seen above. Select a request date. Click Next.

19 Use this page for extra notes and to give more detail. Disregard cost estimate

20 Review and Submit.

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