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Sales Guide DGS-6600 Series Chassis Switch D-Link HQ, Jan 2011 D-Link confidential.

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1 Sales Guide DGS-6600 Series Chassis Switch D-Link HQ, Jan 2011 D-Link confidential

2 Contents Business Challenge Product Overview Hardware Overview Components of DGS-6600 series DGS-6600 System Capacity Technology Briefing Product Application Guide Competitive Comparison & Analysis Key Comparison Competitive Analysis DGS-6604

3 Business Challenge

4 Minimize Network Downtime Business must run continuously Scalability and Flexibility Infrastructure Flexible media connectivity Rich management support Enhance Network Performance Files’ size is getting larger than before (mail’s attachment and graphic format) “Gigabit on client” pushes faster switching in core network Realize Real-time Applications IP telephony and Video streaming applications need faster response and guarantee “QoS” level Increase Network Security Against inside and outside threats Protect Return on Investment Business Needs Business Challenge

5 Maximized Network Uptime Redundant power design Resilient switching & routing technologies (VRRP,MSTP..) Improves Network Performance High port density for mission-critical wiring closets, core and distribution networks requirement Maximum port count (144 GE copper port, 144 GE SFP slots, 24 10GE XFP slots) Application Awareness Enabled VoIP-enabled network by multi-layer QoS classification and prioritization Video-enabled network by advanced multicast routing and switching mechanism Comprehensive Security Network access control Denial of service prevention Return on Investment Ease of expansion to increase bandwidth and deploy mixed transmission media network Upgradeable to enable applications / services Superior performance at affordable price Premium Offering of DGS-6600 Modular Switch Business Challenge

6 Value Proposition “Modular Flexibility” + ”High Density GE/10GE” + “Superior Features”. Deploy DGS-6600 as –Alternative to Stackable L3 Management Switches –Core switch of Small/Middle Enterprise Network –Distribution switch of Middle/Large Enterprise Network –Wiring closet switch of Middle/Large Enterprise Network D-Link DGS-6600 series switches deliver resilient, high performance, multilayer Gigabit and 10 Gigabit connectivity, fulfilling today and tomorrow’s needs Business Challenge

7 Product Overview

8 DGS-6600 Hardware Overview  Scalable H/W Architecture –Flexible modular design –4-slot chassis models (other models to be launched in the future) –Switch fabric capacity up to 576Gbps  High Resilient H/W Design –Multiple power supplies for redundancy & load sharing –Hot-swappable modular design  Superior Performance –Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet –System performance up to 428.57Mpps –80Gbps uni-direction line rate performance per slot  Power over Ethernet (PoE) –IEEE 802.3af standard PoE (up to 144 ports) Product Overview DGS-6604

9 Highly Reliable Hardware Architecture (DGS-6604) DGS-6604 Rear Replaceable FAN Modular DGS-6604 Front Hot Swappable I/O Modules (2-4) 4 Power Supply slots for redundancy Dimension Height: 280 mm Width: 484 mm Depth: 470 mm Product Overview Control Module

10 Components of DGS-6600 Series DGS-6600-CM Control Module for DGS-6600 Series 576G Switching Capacity Out-of-band management 1.3GHz CPU 2GB RAM Console port USB port 10/100M out-of-band MGMT port Product Overview

11 Components of DGS-6600 Series (Cont.) I/O Modules (Enterprise Module) DGS-6600-48T 48 10/100/1000 TX DGS-6600-48S 48 GE SFP DGS-6600-48TS 24 10/100/1000 TX and 24GE SFP DGS-6600-48P 48 10/100/1000 TX DGS-6600-8XG 8-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet (XFP) Product Overview Planning DGS-6600-24SC2XG 12 SFP and 12 combo ports (10/100/1000Base-T/SFP) and 2 10G XFP ports Coming soon

12 DGS-6600-PWR AC Power Module 850Watt DGS-6600-FAN FAN Module Supports Smart-FAN For load sharing & redundancy Components of DGS-6600 Series (Cont.) Product Overview Air inlet Air outlet

13 DGS-6600 System Capacity DGS-6604 Total Open Slots4 Slots for I/O Modules3 Slots for Control Modules1 PERFORMANCE Fabric Bandwidth576Gbps Packet Forwarding Rate428.57Mpps PORT CAPACITY 10 Gigabit Ethernet (XFP)24 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/100M)144 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000M) PoE144 Gigabit Ethernet (SFP)144 Product Overview

14 Switching Technology Comparison Dumb Line Card without capabilities to determine switching path All traffics MUST be processed by “Control Module” Switching performance relies on “Control Module” Packets always be transmitted back and forth between Control Module and Line Cards Intelligent Line Card with capability to determine switching path Synchronized switch/route information on Control Card and Line Card Layer 2/3/4 Local on board switching capability Fastest forwarding, near zero-wait Centralized Switching V.S Distributed Switching Catalyst 4500 Product Overview

15 Ports Control Card Line Card Drawback of Centralized Switching All traffics MUST go through control card even traffic in/out on the same line card. 2 Route and VLAN forwarding information are stored in control card. Before sending packets, dumb line card needs to ask control card 1 Ports Poor performance is resulted from waiting transmit permit while sending packets 3 Product Overview

16 Distributed switching architecture –DGS-6600 consists of chassis, Control Module, and I/O modules. –Control Module and I/O modules comprise –ASIC for switching functions –CPU for management and module control –Synchronized switch/route information on Control Modules and I/O modules. –Switch/route information on I/O modules is periodically updated from the Control Module. –L2/L3/L4 ACL/QoS intelligent switching on I/O modules Distributed Switching on DGS-6600 Product Overview

17 CM with high-performance Crossbar Distributed ASIC + Crossbar Design DGS-6600 Switching Architecture Backplane I/O Module ASIC Scalable by abundant bandwidth Intelligent I/O ASIC comes on board L2/L3/L4 local switching Product Overview Crossbar Control Module Crossbar 4 x HiGig+ I/O Module ASIC 10G I/O Module ASIC 8 x HiGig+ ASIC 12 x HiGig+ 4 x HiGig+

18 Future-Proofing Switching Technologies on DGS-6600 Backplane I/O Module ASIC 12 x HigG+ Product Overview Crossbar Control Module Crossbar 12 x HigG+ 4 x HigG+ I/O Module ASIC 4 x HigG+ 10G I/O Module ASIC 8 x HigG+ ASIC Unparalleled performance - on-board local switching Unparalleled performance - inter-module switching Optimized traffic flow

19 DGS-6600 Hardware Architecture Advantages Product Overview FeatureAdvantage On-board Intelligent Local L2/L3/L4 Wire-speed Switching Faster Switching Performance Eliminating Unnecessary Backplane Traffic Redundant Power modules Provide 4 load-sharing/redundant power modules For three 48-port PoE line cards installed, 4 power modules can meet the full power budget requirement. Various Media GE Module Higher flexibility for network requirement Pay only for port type/performance required Non-blocking Forwarding for each line card Ultra high 80Gbps bandwidth between Control module and each line card slots. All line cards can run non-blocking wire speed. Up to 24 10GE ports with each port running at non- blocking rate, helping enterprises migrate to 10G back bone. Front connectors to simplify access All connectors of CPU modules, I/O modules, Power modules are in the front panels All-front access eases deployment and troubleshooting

20 Comprehensive Enterprise-class Features DGS-6600 series provides comprehensive and enterprise-class features covering Security, QoS, Resiliency to enrich your network. Product Overview Network FoundationMultiple-ServiceSecurity  VRRP  RIP/RIPng  OSPF v2/v3  BGP  ECMP, WCMP  Q-in-Q  Policy-based Route  BGP4+ (future)  ERPS (Rapid Ethernet Ring Protection 50~200ms convergence) (future)  PIM-SM, PIM-DM  Traffic Classification  Advanced QoS  Bandwidth Control (minimum granularity 64Kbps) Access Control  802.1x Access Control  L2/3/4 Advanced ACL  IP/MAC/Port Binding (future) Traffic Management  Bandwidth Rate Limiting  Port Mirroring  Safeguard Engine (future) Secure Management  SNMPv3 Management  SSH v2 Secure Shell Client

21 Product Application Guide

22 Campus Network Rich access optionFE,GE Unmgm, Smart, Mgm, xStack switches Rich aggregation option DGS-3120, DGS-3420/3620 Rich WLAN option Standalone/ Unified AP Wireless Switching Unique Solution on DV6 E2ES, Unified WLAN, NetDefend Options of core Low cost: DGS-6600 HA: DGS-8000

23 DGS-6604 Modular resiliency VRRP, ERPS 428 Mpps throughput DGS-8006 Modular resiliency VRRP, ERPS 953 Mpps throughput DGS-6604 Modular resiliency VRRP, ERPS 428 Mpps throughput DGS-8006 Modular resiliency VRRP, ERPS 953 Mpps throughput DGS-8010 Modular resiliency Fiber aggregation Advance IP route 1,905 Mpps throughput Large LAN (Fortune 500) Core Aggregation Wiring-closet DGS-3420, DES-3528/52 L2/3/4 ACL 8 priority queues Advance security DGS-3620 L3 series 10GE uplinks Fiber/Copper aggregation VRRP resiliency Advance IP route DGS-6604 Function-completed GbE/PoE/Secu./QoS Investment Protection Mid/Large LAN Small/Mid LAN DGS-3420 Function-completed GbE/PoE/Secu./QoS Investment Protection DGS-3420 L2+ series 10GE stacking Fiber/Copper aggregation Static routing DGS-3120, DES-3028/52 L2/3/4 ACL Advance security Features, Functions, Scalability Product Application Guide

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