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School Scares “It’s 3:29! One more minute,” you whisper to your friend Kelly. As quick as a lightning bolt, Miss Rawberry your teacher, tells everyone.

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1 School Scares “It’s 3:29! One more minute,” you whisper to your friend Kelly. As quick as a lightning bolt, Miss Rawberry your teacher, tells everyone to stay 10 more minutes of learning. There’s a lot of “boo’s and what’s? You anxiously wait for the clock to tick. Finally, the dreadful school day is over! Your homework is practically falling out of you bag, and you’re crawling on the floor. Crawl to page 2page 2 By 5 th Grade Student



4 As you are crawling, you hear a secret agent kind of voice in the classroom. It sounds like it’s coming from the back closet. You’re practically eating your homework. You don’t know if you should go back. What if Miss Rawbery catches you? Will you just play it the safe way? If you want to play it the safe way… Hurry! Run top page 7. If you want to go check it out, Jog to page 9.


6 As you carefully move your body into the liquid, you feel the screen closing in on you. You hurry inside before it is completely shut. From what it appears, you are looking at every object covered in dark black, or silver, until…“Whoa!” You have seem to have fallen into a black hole! The wind makes your hair stand straight up, and you think that if this were a roller coaster, it would get a speeding ticket. Fall to page 16.

7 So you decide to play it the safe way. You run like the speed of light to your bike and shake the lock until it breaks. You dash out of Kill school (that’s your school’s name) and hastily run home. When you get home, you stumble up the stairs to get in your bedroom. As soon as you’re there, you e-mail Miss Rawbery saying you are sick. The mission is to find out what is the thing you heard in the classroom. Dash to page 11.

8 As you and Kelly are totally freaked out, you call your mom and tell her you’ll be home early. As you ride home, you see Mrs. Rawbery passing by in her Viper car. “Hello girls! What have you been up to lately?” Asks Mrs. Rawbery. “Uhh…” you stutter… The End Start Over Go back

9 You decide to drop the heavy, overweight homework and go for an adventure. You tip toe as quietly as a pin drop. You take a gulp as if a ball is going down your throat. As slow as a snail sliding across a beach, you quickly throw open the closet door. All of a sudden, you hear footsteps heading towards the class! You must Escape before anyone sees you. If you try to escape to page 21 If you forget about the person, turn to page 24.

10 “Think. Think”, you whisper to yourself while you smack your forehead. All of a sudden, the men who were talking about Agent 13 (Miss Rawbery) stop talking. Now, you try to bury yourself deeper and deeper into the pile. “Swush!” All of a sudden a gigantic, hairy hand grabbed your shirt, and you jerk your head. Before you can think, you realize you are 10 feet above ground. “Ahh, a snooper”, a man from behind you says like a wizard. Escape to page 17page 17

11 You call Kelly over and explain what happened and what the mission is. She sighs and says, “What are we waiting for? Let’s get to school!” “Wait!” you call, “How do I get out of my house? I will have to lie and give my mom and excuse. If you forget about sneaking out, walk to page 13. To think of an excuse, sneak to page 12.

12 You snatch your Book of 101 Excuses. “Ahh!” Kelly sighs. Quickly, you get an excuse and throw the book under your bed. “Bye mom. I’m going to jog around the block for a while.” you call to your mom. You dash out the door, snatch your bike, and you’re off! You arrive back at school in about 2-3 minutes. When you get there, you stumble in with your mouth open to the classroom. Stumble to page 14.

13 You thought it was going to be a great adventure, but your mom is too tough to deceive. “Ring, Ring”. You snatch the phone. “Hello, This is the President of the FBI,” The caller tells you. He says you’ve been caught in Mrs. Deth Rawbery’s class over- hearing noises……… The End The End Start Over Go back

14 When you reach the classroom, you don’t find walls, cabinets, or chalkboards. You and Kelly both admire the bullet proof wall, the cabinets that are formed into electronic devices, and the chalkboard which is turned into a built-in closet. Inside the closet are some black leather jackets and pants. Also, the T.V is like a trap door to another dimension. It looks exactly like a TV, but in the screen it is as if water is there. As you touch it, you feel the chilly, liquid, crystal-like screen. You don’t know what’s on the other side. Kelly tells you she’s paranoid and is going to leave. She asks you if you want to come. If you decide to go in the trap door, crawl to page 6. To go back with Kelly, dash to page 8.


16 You finally land in a bunch of business letters. You can hardly breathe while you sink in the pile. While you make your way up to the top, (you have paper cuts by now) you overhear voices that are saying something about Agent 13, Miss Deth Rawbery! You are beyond scared. Your teacher, an agent? This isn’t making sense. The question is if you get caught, what are the consequences. Are you willing to take the risk? If you’re willing to take the risk, dive to page 18. If you want to go back, run as fast as you can to page 10

17 You try to turn your head, but you’re as stiff as a board. Plus you are drenched in sweat and taking deeper than the ocean breaths. “What are you going to do with me?” you stumble to say. “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll take your guts or turn you into a robot. Or maybe I’ll send you back to where you came from and hope you will never return again. Yes, I guess that’s what I’ll do because I have no more metal to make you into a robot.” He opens a closet that looks exactly like the T.V screen. “One… Two… Three!” From what it appears, you are thrown into a hole of nothing! You are in a large tune of colors but all of a sudden……… It is black! Turn to page 20.

18 You try to sneak up closer as you make your way through the pile of business letters. “Whoosh,” you burst out of the business letters behind a computer desk. Unfortunately, someone hears the noise and says, “Who goes there?’ There’s no turning back now. There on the ground, you see the liquid crystal, watery-shaped spot. What’s your mom going think if you’re not home? You decide that you have no choice, so you go home. Turn to page 19.

19 All of a sudden, the spot gets closer and closer to the middle! Hastily, you carefully put your foot on the spot and then… “Whoa,” the glob is forcing you into the whole as if someone is on the other end pulling you! As you scratch your nails up against the iron floor, you realize that you have half of your body inside the glob. “Whoosh!” the force pulls you back into the hole. Fall to page 22page 22

20 “Hello Sweetie. Are you awake?” your mom whispers. “Mom?” you ask. You try to explain what happened, but all she tells you is that you fainted after school in Miss Rawbery’s classroom. Now Miss Rawbery is rushing over to you with hard deep breaths. “Are you ok?” she asks breathlessly. “Yeah, but…” you also try to explain what you thought happened, but all Miss Rawbery says is “You were just dreaming.” All of a sudden the noises are back in the room… The End Go back Start Over

21 As quickly as you open the door, you slam it shut. (As quietly as you can.) You turn the knob on the backdoor, but it won’t budge. Finally, you run and smack into the door and … AT LAST the door opens. You are free from terror. All of a sudden, FBI agents come out and hold you under arrest………………… The End Go backStart Over

22 You land face forward on the floor in Miss Rawbery’s class! You are unconscious, but your mother tells you what she saw. As you open your eyes, slowly and carefully, you find it blurry. “Step aside people. This kid is very important.” You realize this man was the man talking about Miss Rawbery, in that other dimension… The End Go back Start Over


24 As you rummage through the closet, you quickly feel a hand touching you. You are too terrified to turn your head. The hand feels as soft as jelly. Suddenly everything becomes blurry and blurrier until you jerk your head. Black is the only color in sight… The End Go backStart Over

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