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Presented by: Linda Fischer Amy Ohlendorf Jennifer Robinson.

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1 Presented by: Linda Fischer Amy Ohlendorf Jennifer Robinson

2 About The Home Depot Founded in 1978 World’s largest home improvement retailer Operates more than 1500 stores in U.S. Caters to do-it-yourselfers and professional customers

3 About The Home Depot Offers unique services: Free in-store clinics for honing home improvement skills Decoration and design consultation Truck and tool rental On-line design tools

4 Decision Support Role Plant Guide Information on designing gardens Plants for different climates Kitchen and Bath Designer Experiment with different design options Advice on design elements is not given Behr-ColorSmart System View different color selections Expert advice on matching colors

5 Decision Support Role Solid Shelving Experiment with different parts and designs using on-line software No access to recommended designs from design experts Ventilated Shelving Most robust tool

6 Ventilated Shelving Provides the most decision support to the customer and includes: Professional Design Services Closet Idea Gallery Our focus during the knowledge acquisition, presentation and selection Custom Closet Design

7 Managerial Work Efficiency Most efficient use of available space Financial Estimated project costs of design Time and productivity Various options and customizations Preconfigured storage designs Alternate designs for storage space

8 Examples of Decisions How do I efficiently use the space available in the storage area? What parts do I need to assemble my closet? What is the lowest cost solution that will meet my needs? What designs will meet my needs? How many shoe racks are needed?

9 Knowledge of the System Preconfigured design ideas Parts needed to assemble the design Types of shelving that can or can not be used for the design Estimated costs of the project Professional Design Services

10 Problem Solving Capabilities Efficient use of storage space Identification of parts needed to assemble the designed space Calculation of estimated project cost

11 Types of Support On-line assistant Installation animation video Assembly instructions for shelving products Professional Design Services

12 Uses of the System Preview preconfigured storage area designs Develop customized storage area design Identify parts needed to assemble storage area Browse for different types of shelving sold at Home Depot Compare prices for various types of shelving

13 Knowledge Abilities of “Closet Idea Gallery” Acquisition Seven storage profile questions are completed by the customer Customer selects dimensions that must closely his/her space Presentation/Selection Design ideas are presented in two- dimensional illustrations Different types of shelving Project costs Parts List

14 Demonstration Ventilated Shelving Closet Idea Gallery at The Home DepotThe Home Depot

15 Benefits of the System Quick and easy to use On-line support Wide variety of options Expert advice

16 Questions?

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