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David Blonski-Didjeridoo in the American Outback.

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1 David Blonski-Didjeridoo in the American Outback

2 David plays and makes different kinds of Didjeridoos


4 A Nice Turnout


6 One of David’s songs evoked images of dingoes, tree frogs, cicadas, kangaroos, Kukaburra birds and more.

7 A “trumpet” didj made from plastic pipe and kitchen traps

8 This is a travelling Didj, made in Utah of shoe leather. It travels from didj player to didj player. Each player signs the didg and makes a recording of themselves playing the didj. Later, the sounds can be compared to seen how climate, altitude, playing style etc. affects the didj.


10 This one is made out of a ram’s horn & plastic pipe

11 David explained different styles of aboriginal artwork







18 Forgot the name, but this is a flute from Japan

19 Not only did these girls get to try out a “golf tube” Didj, but they won the drawing for the giant white bear and got to take it home! (Hurray, it was huge and took up a lot of room at the library! Mom wasn’t as thrilled as the girls.)

20 Everyone really enjoyed the program.

21 Thank you Friends and Pioneer Center!

22 What a GREAT Program!

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