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 Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Cave Rescue.

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1  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Cave Rescue

2  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Free Bluetooth Activities Buried Treasure Cops and Robbers Safari Jail Break Emergency Landing Space Geologist Cave Rescue Cave Rescue is one of the Free Activities you get with the Roamer Bluetooth Accessory Pack. When you get your Bluetooth package you receive a disc. Run this disc and you will add the Bluetooth Interface to your RoamerWorld and at the same time you will add all the free activity files.

3  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Cave Rescue? Trog is an eccentric Roamer. While most robots liked sunning themselves on the beach, he liked crawling into the deepest, darkest caves. One day he was exploring Magnetometer Pothole when he found some new passages. He knew he was the first robot to ever trundle through these splendid caverns: wow did his circuits buzz! In fact they buzzed so much he forgot the time. He was busy exploring what he later named “Justanastypassage” when his light went out. “Oops” There was nothing for it – he had to feel is way out of the cave.

4  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd What You Need Roamer RoamerWorld Roamer Bluetooth Module Free Activity Downloads Roamer Control Box Roamer Sensor Pack Several reasonably heavy to make a passage

5  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Preparation Create a passage from a number of boxes Make sure there are some twists and turns in the pathway Keep the turns to 90 degrees Make the walls of the passages wide enough so the Roamer can turn on the spot without the sensors touching the wall (about 60 cm – 2 feet)

6  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Tasks Write a program that will allow Roamer to feel its way through the passages Run this program with the floor robot and transmit instructions to the computer Edit the computer program so that the screen robot draws a line Now program the screen robot make the journey following the line Take the sensor off the floor robot and see if it can make the journey through the passage without touching the walls You need to make the Roamer go forward a long way (say forward 20) Precede this with a sense procedure that will make the Roamer come back 1 then turn left and go forward 2 If the Roamer does not detect a wall then it is going in the right direction If it does detect a wall then it needs to turn 180 degrees and then continue You can do this by putting another sense procedure inside the first sense procedure Read the Control Box User Guide to find out how to do this Hint

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