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What’s New at NCS Fall, 2003 Gary Bernstein & the rest of the NCS gang.

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1 What’s New at NCS Fall, 2003 Gary Bernstein & the rest of the NCS gang

2 Microsoft Exchange More than e-mail – integrated platform –Calendar –Collaboration tools –Functionality (“Out-of-Office” message, eg) –SUS (Software Update Server, Critical Updates) Approx 600 users today, beta Full production within 2 weeks

3 Active Directory (AD) Fully deployed Required for Exchange Single source of authentication and authorization information

4 Active Directory (AD) Fully populated with every staff and student at McGill Available to other departments/faculties

5 Active Directory (AD) Immediate benefits –Up-to-date employee/student status (BANNER data) –No need for data entry/duplication –Plug-and-play –Fast Already joined –Faculty of Arts –Faculty of Management –Proteomics –Biomedical Engineering

6 Call Pilot More than Voice Mail – Unified Messaging Meridian Mail – retired Integration of desktop: –E-mail –Voice mail –Fax User configurable voicemail via browser- based interface Seemless migration – Nov 14

7 Wireless Public areas are fully deployed – free to all Premium Service – on request from departments ($1.60/month/user) Web based sign-up form Self-serve Guest Accounts Over 1,500 different users to date 200 simultaneous logins

8 Identification Management Single set of credentials Integrated enterprise ID management server Multi-media approach to user self-serve: –Web-based “I forgot my password” –Speech and voice recognition –Prox card

9 Storage Area Network (SAN) Large pool of virtual storage (Tbytes) Purchased initially to support enterprise systems; e.g. BANNER, Library, E-mail Available to faculties and departments that have high-availability/large storage needs

10 E-mail Large quotas for staff (300 Mbytes, on request) New Webmail server –Faster –More Functionality –Better “Look-and-feel”

11 Gbps Backbone Connections For server or high-bandwidth workstation connections New tariff, much more affordable Ideal for situations where high bandwidth requirements are within a network; e.g. video editing lab

12 Anti-Virus – Spam Filtering Optimization of mail gateway system – eliminated NCS-created spam re: Virus deletion notification Currently do filter spam – false positive Bayesian client-side filtering –SpamBayes –Outlook 2003 Evaluating server-side filtering solutions

13 Security Lenel project – huge success – Win-Win This summer – New Rez, Trottier, Seagrams Digital Video Recorders (no more tape) –Direct access to security event video –From anywhere on backbone Surveillance Cameras PC Theft Alarms Card Readers Automatic downloads from BANNER provides current and accurate data(computer labs)

14 Blackberries Pilot project overwhelming success Anywhere, anytime access to e-mail, calendar, contacts (Exchange- based) Integrated cell phone Real-time, two way synchronization without cradling Business processes in place to get users going quickly.

15 Integration with ICS and here’s Denise…….

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