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2 Awe------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concentration 123456789 10 A.When I walked into the multipurpose room the most beautiful music that I ever heard filled my ears. B.The conductor asked the audience to listen for the sound of a train in the music. C.At the end of a song cymbals crashed and the entire audience was hushed. D.After a while of staring at the picture, I finally saw the optical illusion. E.The first time that I smelled lilac was like heaven for my senses! RATE THE FOLLOWING SCENARIOS.

3 scolding ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- console 123456789 10 F.When you fell off of your bike and scraped your knee, a friend put his arm around you and walked with you to get a bandaid. G.When you rode your bike into the street after your parents told you not to, your dad told you that you were grounded. H.If you don’t do well on an assignment, but tried your very best, the teacher tells you that you can give it another try. I.You forgot to take off your muddy shoes before running into the kitchen to get a drink, and your mom yells at you. J.Even though it made you feel bad, you understood why the adult chaperone yelled when kids attempted to cross a busy street unattended. RATE THE FOLLOWING SCENARIOS.

4 dilemma----------------------------------------------------------------------------- burden 123456789 10 K.I knew we would do a lot of walking on the field trip, but all of my sneakers were dirty. What should I wear? L.My friend’s mom told me that she was going to throw a surprise birthday party for my friend. Then she told me not to tell anyone. M.At Christmas time I used to get lots of presents. It was hard to know where to begin unwrapping. N.My mom always made me finish every single piece of food from my dinner plate. O.Even though I appreciated having my backpack on the fieldtrip, it was a nuisance carrying it everywhere. RATE THE FOLLOWING SCENARIOS.

5 glancing------------------------------------------------------------------------------ drowsy 123456789 10 P.While the little worm inched its way up the newly formed mountain to rescue the two bear cubs, it took quick short looks around to make sure it was safe. Q.On its way up the mountain the worm got very hungry, and the lack of energy caused it to move slower. R.I read this story very late at night. My eyelids kept getting heavy, and I yawned a lot. S.Driving a car is similar to riding a bike in that it is important to pay attention to your surroundings, both beside and behind you. T.After lunch, I just wanted to lay down. RATE THE FOLLOWING SCENARIOS.

6 commendable---------------------------------------------------------------------- heroic 123456789 10 U.On the bus ride to Cedar Crest College the students were so well-behaved. V.Upon arriving to school, a gentleman saw a mother duck and ten baby ducklings on the side walk. He parked and escorted them across the street, stopping traffic to insure their safety. W.True story: Just a few days ago a man in Germany lifted the back end of a car that had accidentally run over a person. This real-life-strongman witnessed the accident and before police or help could get to the scene, lifted the car just enough for others to pull the victim out from under it. The victim was okay. The strongman disappeared. X.When students are missing pencils, there is one student who lends them every time. RATE THE FOLLOWING SCENARIOS.


8 A. ___: _________________________ B. ___: _________________________ C. ___: _________________________ D. ___: _________________________ E. ___: _________________________ F. ___: _________________________ G. ___: _________________________ H. ___: _________________________ I. ___: _________________________ J. ___: _________________________ K. ___: _________________________ L. ___: _________________________ “RATE THE SCENARIO” GRAPHIC ORGANIZER PROVIDE A NUMBER & EXPLANATION FOR EACH LETTER.

9 M. ___: _________________________ N. ___: _________________________ O. ___: _________________________ P. ___: _________________________ Q. ___: _________________________ R. ___: _________________________ S. ___: _________________________ T. ___: _________________________ U. ___: _________________________ V. ___: _________________________ W. ___: _________________________ X. ___: _________________________ “RATE THE SCENARIO” GRAPHIC ORGANIZER PROVIDE A NUMBER & EXPLANATION FOR EACH LETTER.

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