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Global Service Jam – Madras Service Jam

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1 Global Service Jam – Madras Service Jam

2 Design Challenge How might we cherish the changes within us and around us as we grow up?

3 .me lets you store, view, cherish and share your journey of life.
Solution Overview .me lets you store, view, cherish and share your journey of life.

4 Text Business Model Canvas Channels Cost structure Revenue streams
Key resources Channels Key activities Key partners Value proposition Customer relationships Customer segments Text Ebay Payback Gift vendors (online / offline) Astrology sites Social networking sites(Facebook) WhatsApp I.Q evaluating sites Album vendor (Picasa, Flickr) App stores Physical attributes measuring apps Maintenance (Server space up keep, production support) Dynamic integrations Charting engines Maintaining the story board Memories Track knowledge Motivation Free Confidential Social responsibility Statistics of different parameters Build stories Track hairstyle  Filter people Filter by tag Personal Compare with different periods Cherish critical moments Financial growth Self – web support Directions through partners or channels Parents Web users who want to see/share stuff about themselves People who value memories People who want to track their progress (over period of life) Entities / Corporates Software team Research analysts Sales & Marketing Designers Customer interests and needs Website Facebook share Mobile/TV/App store/OS Social networking site / apps “All” users as “assets” Redirections (other sites, commercial products) Virtual gifts Donations Commercial/corporates (special page) Research Business operations Maintenance Promotions Development Advertising Print albums Vendor who delivers the gift or pic Referrals for gifts for various events

5 Archana Persona User Goals User Needs Expectations
My stories / memories to live User Needs Track critical moments (like Christmas) Not just birthday (write a lot about that day) Track IQ levels (It’ll be lot of fun ) Track horoscope daily Track hairstyle  Likes Dad’s handwriting on photos Archana 25-30 years Analyst, Writer, Baker Expectations Extrovert Make lot of friends Organizer Not a party animal Talk to people about career Mentoring students Make good conversations Trust people Expect mutual trust Ambition: Wanted to be a nun, then wanted to be a doctor and finally now a business analyst! Pictures to tell stories Keep track of past Constraints/ Concerns Don’t publish to the whole group Filter people

6 Customer Journey Map Enter Engage Exit
I lost some of the snaps I took with my uncle last year  I came back 2 days later and entered some details Now all my data about me is on .me that I can cherish throughout my life. Today is my b’day  Started using “.me” Exciting day! I want to write a story about it It prompts me to enter data on my b’day I took lot of snaps with my friends Uploaded the photos Archana Analyst I can also compare some of my data with the past. But I forgot what I did last year  It also prompted me to upload photos with b’day dress Tagged and shared the story with my friends through FB I received some gifts from them “I want to track all the critical moments of my life” “Anticipate” “I want a space to cherish my memories” Uh! I can’t recollect last year’s resolution I started entering all the details  Ambition Study Work Hobby # of people wished First person to wish People with you today Where are you? Had my favorite cake on this day I just uploaded my photo took on that day Food IQ test Book I’m reading Favorite game Highlight social problem I don’t have enough time on that day to fill other data Uploaded to Facebook, but difficult to track

7 Thank You

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