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BASIC WEBSITE TRAINING How to edit pages on with

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1 BASIC WEBSITE TRAINING How to edit pages on with

2 Logging in  Go to the Commerce intranet  (

3 The login is at the top right DNN Login!

4 Find the login for your section Which one is your section? Tutorials and user manual too!

5 You can only log in to your section! What color is this section?

6 Each section has a different color! What color is this section?

7  Once you are on your section BOOKMARK IT!  Also, click “Remember Login”

8 1 st initial, last name Forgot password? Click here.

9 Common problems + things to remember  Your username is your first initial and last name.  Your username is NOT the same as your NCID.  YOU created your password at some point.  If you are on the wrong login page, and enter your information, you won’t go anywhere. If you click forgot password, you won’t receive an e-mail. That’s a tell-tale sign that you were on the wrong page!

10 After you login, you’ll go to the profile page. Edit your profile info here.

11 To edit a page, click “Edit Content” Click the words “Edit Content”

12 You can now edit the content on your page 1. Check “Publish Changes” 2. Click Save

13 You’re at the submission box 1. You MUST enter something here. 2. Click “Submit”

14 An editor needs to approve the page If you are an editor, you now have the option to approve, reject, or re-edit the content.

15 Enter a note into the Approval Comment box and click “Approve Content”

16 Things to remember  If you are an author, you will not see the green Approve Content button. Your editor should get the note you sent while approving the content, but it’s best to email them to double check that they know your page needs to be approved.  Editors, keep an eye on the notes in your profile section. That’s where you’ll be informed of any approvals that need to be made.

17 Adding a link to a web page Highlight your link and click the link icon (looks like a globe with a chain link on it)

18 Add the URL into the hyperlink manager and click “OK” To link to a page in your own section, click the drop-down next to page and find the page you want. To link to a page on another section, or to a non-Commerce website, add the address in the URL field.

19 Adding a document To add a document (.pdf,.doc,.xls) click the document link (looks like a piece of paper with a paper clip)

20 Find or upload your document Click on the section you want

21 You can have folders within folders. Navigate to the folder you want. You can either click on the file you want, or upload a new file. You can also add a subfolder Upload button

22 1. Select your document 2. Add a tooltip describing your document 3. Click insert

23 Images Banner image Discovery widget (rotates)

24 About images  To maintain style and uniformity, banner images and discovery widgets can only be added by a member of the Marketing team.  If you would like a banner image or a discovery widget, contact a member of Marketing or Graphics ( They can size the image for you

25 Images within text

26  It’s also possible to add an image within the text of your page.  Appropriate use of in-text photos includes charts, graphs or logos.  Photos that stretch across the top of the page should be banner images. Contact Graphics or Marketing.  These images should be no more than 96 dpi, and shouldn’t be any more than 400 pixels wide.

27 Click the Image Manager icon (looks like a little picture of a mountain). The image manager will open. You can select the folder where you want your image to live.

28 Click on the photo you want to add, or click Upload to upload an image from your desktop. Click Insert to insert your photo into the text.

29 Using CORE to log any problems Go to Click sign in. You should connect automa tically.

30 Click DNN Central

31 Click Bugs and Fixes

32 Click New

33 Please give a full description of the problem or bug you are experiencing. Please also include the URL of the page where the problem is occurring, and the division you work for. Then click OK.

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