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A Royal Mystery By Audrey Carangelo.

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1 A Royal Mystery By Audrey Carangelo

2 discomfort noun-distress or unease
Gavin felt a great deal of discomfort after he broke his arm in the football game.

3 primitive adjective-simple, unsophisticated or crude
Early telephones are considered primitive compared to today’s standards.

4 honored verb-accepting or enjoying respect or distinction
The soldiers were honored with a special ceremony to thank them for their service to our country.

5 secretive adjective-concealing; not open or frank
Ava’s parents were very secretive about her surprise birthday party.

6 immersed adjective-fully absorbed or occupied
Kellee was so immersed in her book that she didn’t hear her mom call her for dinner.

7 bungled verb-botched; handled badly
I was so embarrassed after I bungled the presentation in front of my new boss.

8 contagious adjective-spread by contact; communicable
If you are sick, it is important to stay home because you may be contagious.

9 brandishing verb-waving about in a bold or daring manner
The knight was brandishing his sword, waving it about.

10 imprinted noun-marked on a surface by printing or pressure
The United States Mint imprinted the coins with a new design.

11 frequently adverb-happening often, repeatedly
My friend frequently missed the bus because she forgot to set her alarm clock.

12 mimicking Verb-to imitate or copy
My little sister makes me so mad, mimicking everything I say.

13 gingerly adverb-with great care or caution
I set the vase down gingerly, being extra careful not to drop it.

14 assume verb-to take for granted or without proof
Never assume that someone else will do your work for you.

15 sarcastically Adverb- using a sneering or cutting remark; irony
“Sure I’d love to do extra homework,” I told my friend sarcastically.

16 filters verb-partially obstructed or blocked
We use filters to make sure that the water is purified.

17 theme Noun-The moral or lesson to be learned from a story
The theme of the movie was to not “judge someone by the way they look.”

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