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Retackle the Traits Build Scoring Confidence Identify the Next Steps Our Goals.

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1 Retackle the Traits Build Scoring Confidence Identify the Next Steps Our Goals

2 The Six Traits of Writing Ideas and ContentOrganizationVoiceWord ChoiceSentence FluencyConventions Editing Trait Revising Traits

3 Ideas and Content Clear and controlledFocused and relevant Fresh and original Complete and well- developed

4 Organization Inviting beginningLogical sequencing Thoughtful transitionsConscious closing

5 Voice Connects you to your readerExpresses feelings Varies according to purpose and audience Is as unique as a fingerprint

6 Uses a variety of descriptive words Paints a picture for the reader Is specific to the audience and purpose Promotes clarity with precise language Word Choice

7 Strong, well-built sentences Varied sentence lengthsNatural rhythm and flow Varied sentence beginnings Sentence Fluency

8 CapitalizationPunctuationSpellingGrammar Conventions

9 Think about Your Writing Instruction… Which trait has been the easiest for you to score? The most difficult?

10 Traits Overview

11 Evaluating Rubrics Compare and contrast two or more rubrics from the samples provided. Decide and discuss which rubric would work best for your class. Where We Left Off…

12 Scoring Practice Ideas and Organization

13 Practice


15 Scoring Practice Voice and Word Choice

16 Practice

17 Sentence Fluency and Conventions Scoring Practice

18 Last summer, I came across a video game called final fantasy II. It was a Role playing game online that was very fun and addicting. At the start of the summer I was worried alot about the changes that were happening in my life and I was scared about what was going to happen next year at school. This Fantasy of living in a world of fun and adventure looked alot better than reality so I started playing. At first everything was ok. I forgot about my problems and had alot of fun. Around August I relized that I had not only forgot about my problems but I had forgot about my cares too. I hadn’t talked to my family much, I barely spent time with friends and I hadn’t even got my permit yet and I was a month away from 16. This game was no longer a fantasy but an addiction. All I wanted to do was play this game and nothing else. Finaly, with the help of my friends and some thinking, I decided to stop playing final fantasy or any other addicting games again. This was a key decision in my life. Practice

19 Scoring Practice

20 Students know expectations from beginningExpectations can be assigned by teachers or studentsStudents can monitor their own progressStudents become aware of the quality of their workThey can use the rubric as a final checkpoint Students with special needs can have tailored rubrics Rubric Benefits Jackson and Larkin, Teaching Students to Use Grading Rubrics 2002

21 How Can We Help Students Understand Scoring Rubrics?

22 Jigsaw Activity Group A: Teaching Students about Rubrics, page 41 and part of 42 with Table 2 Group B: The Rubric Strategy page, 42-43 with Figure 2 Group C: Common Problems and Suggestions, page 44 with Table 3 Create a short presentation for your peers! Read Jackson and Larkin’s, Teaching Students to Use Grading Rubrics 2002

23 More Ways to Help Students Understand: Start with checklists. This helps students recognize the strengths in their writing. Complement the Traits. Students will begin to recognize strengths in others’ writing. Start with simple Rubrics. Add more criteria as the students gain confidence.

24 Scoring Practice Teacher and Student Scoring Practice Create a sample student account with class ID LK823 and practice scoring!

25 Resources!

26 Resources! Get essay prompts & supplement writing lessons

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