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Project Management System

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1 Project Management System
Project Type: Industry Defined Project (IDP) Industry Name: 360 Degree Technosoft Internal Guide: Prof.Dinesh Prajapati External Guide: Ritesh Thummar Group ID: ADIT-IT02 Prepared By Bhoomi Ajugia ( ) Mitali Shah ( ) Nirali Sheth ( )

2 Introduction Existing Project Management (PM) tools :
Focus on planning and monitoring particular projects and resources (developers) allocation and usage. Not designed to develop a knowledge base for the particular projects. Lack the function for organization and structuring of the knowledge in a project-specific way. Does not provide a platform for employees to interact.

3 Our System : Will help the project managers, developers and others involved with a project to plan and monitor the project as well as to prepare for particular tasks within the project. Provide means for generating a project-specific knowledge base with a project-specific organization and structure (hierarchy). Is a completely web-based interface for the users of the system offering online access from any place and at any time. Project manager will be able to track the work of the developers on the projects given to them in order to evaluate their work. Provides the functionality of document sharing and report generation. Provides the forum where employees can share their thoughts and new ideas.

4 Provides the functionality of backend timer so that time taken for performing task can be calculated. Password encryption for better security. Random string generation for forgot password. Filters for viewing data specifically.

5 Analysis And Design Use Case Diagram

6 Class Diagram

7 Sequence Diagram

8 Activity Diagram for Assign Task

9 Activity Diagram for View Task

10 State-chart Diagram for Project

11 State-chart Diagram for Employee

12 Database Design

13 Snapshots Login Page

14 Home page for admin

15 Functionality of employee module for admin

16 Functionality of add employee for admin

17 Functionality of project module for admin

18 Functionality of add project for admin

19 Admin’s view for upcoming projects

20 Add post for Community module

21 Add comment for Community module

22 Edit Profile and Change Password

23 Home page for Business Representative

24 CRM module for Business Representative

25 Discussion for upcoming project

26 Home page for Project Manager

27 Project module for Project Manager

28 Project details page for Project Manager

29 Modal dialog for Assign Task

30 Page for View Task

31 Modal Dialog for Edit Task

32 Discussion on Upcoming Projects and accept/reject project for Project Manager

33 Reason for rejection when Project Manager rejects an Upcoming Project

34 Home Page for Document Module

35 Modal Dialog for Uploading Documents on any project

36 Confirmation on deletion of any document for any project

37 Modal dialog for sharing documents

38 Home page for Report Generation

39 Graph for time spent by each developer on a selected project

40 PDF report for total no. of task on a selected project

41 Home page for Developer

42 Project Details page for Developer

43 View Task page for Developer

44 Task Details page for Developer

45 Validation pop-up for user verification during login

46 Add Employee validation

47 Blank Post validation

48 Error while sending mail for forgot password

49 Validation when Project Manager do not specify any reason for rejecting a project

50 Objectives Achieved Admin Panel Business Representative
add/delete project add/delete account comment on upcoming projects upload/delete document. Business Representative add project comment on pending projects view comments for accepted/rejected projects. Project Manager accept/reject upcoming project assign developer assign task

51 Edit Profile & Community
edit task submit project comment on pending projects upload/delete/share documents report generation. Developer view task start/stop timer submit task upload/delete/share document. Edit Profile & Community edit profile for all users community module where users can add posts, add comments and upload a document. Implemented filters using AJAX. Used JQuery for modal dialog and date picker and tabs. Sending mail for forgot password with random string.

52 Future Enhancements In this system, reports are generated in pdf format and graph format. If required, reports can also be generated in excel format. If required, the system can be expanded for customer login. This system can be integrated with social networking sites.

53 References Book: Michael R Blaha, James R Rambaugh, “Object – Oriented Modelling and Design with UMLTM ”, Second Edition, Pearson publication, 2005. Ralph Moseley, M. T. Savaliya, “Developing Web Applications”, Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., 2011 MehdiAchour, FriedhelmBetz, AntonyDovgal, NunoLopes, HannesMagnusson, GeorgRichter, DamienSeguy, JakubVrana, And several others, “PHP Manual”, © the PHP Documentation Group Web Sites: It includes steps to include javascript in php file. It shows how to get alerts and pop ups in php. This site shows how to send mail using php. This site shows how to use mail() function in php. This site shows how to pass data from one php file to another using query string.

54 This site is used for all the basic syntax related to php, html, javascript and database connection. This site shows the demo of the timer. This site provides fpdf package for generating pdf files in php. This site provides the scripts for datepicker and tabs using JQuery. This site provides a scripts for using ajax. This site provides the example for using modal dialog using javascript. This site provides the package to integrate graphs in our system. This site provides the demo for the modal dialog.

55 Thank You

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