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ETSU’s Online Student Record System

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1 ETSU’s Online Student Record System
GoldLink ETSU’s Online Student Record System

2 What’s in GoldLink? What’s in GoldLink?
Apply for admissions Update personal information: address and phone numbers View/print class schedules  Add or drop a class Register online Pay for classes using your credit card Check fees for classes (account summary) Check your grades View and request transcripts View holds Look up your financial aid eligibility Check your financial aid award information

3 What’s in GoldLink? How do I login?
Go to Select GoldLink icon See ETSU Alert option for outages, etc. Click on Enter Secure Area for Services

4 How do I login? What’s in GoldLink?

5 What’s in GoldLink? How do I login?
Enter student id number known as E#. Must type capital E and then remaining 8 numbers Don’t know your E# - select Look Up E# (click here option) and follow directions

6 What’s in GoldLink? PIN ? PIN: first time users, use date of birth (mmddyy) User will be prompted to change PIN. PIN must be 6 characters (numerical or alpha) Cannot reuse same PIN User will be prompted to create a security question and answer. Select question/answer that is not well known to protect your records. Be sure to protect your data by not giving out your E-Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Forgot PIN? Enter your E# and then choose Forgot PIN option and answer your security question to reset PIN. Locked Out? Call the Registration HelpDesk at between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (EST) or go by 102 Burgin Dossett Hall for assistance.

7 You’re almost in GoldLink!
What’s in GoldLink? You’re almost in GoldLink! You’ve entered secure area for services You’ve entered your E# You’ve entered your PIN Select login

8 Personal Information Tab
What’s in GoldLink? Personal Information Tab View addresses and phones Update mailing and contact addresses and phones Review name and SSN change information Change your PIN Set security question

9 What’s in GoldLink? Student Tab
Admissions - apply for admission or review existing applications (new students) Registration - check your registration status, class schedule and add or drop classes Student Records - View your holds, grades, attendance reports, request and view transcripts and request enrollment certificates Student Account - view your account, tax information, confirm enrollment and make credit card payment

10 What’s in GoldLink? Registration
Registration status – lists most registration issues. Registration status Holds (most will prevent registration such as adds or drops) Date you may register for next term Academic standing Earned credits Registration for spring classes begins in early November Registration for summer and fall classes begins in early April Most students are required to see an advisor before they can register each semester. Contact your major advisor or the ARC (for assistance in finding your advisor ) at least 3-4 weeks before registration begins.

11 What’s in GoldLink? Registration Tab Schedules View or print schedule
Concise schedule – short one page schedule Detailed student schedule – includes more information such as: Status – registered or dropped Grade mode – standard letter (graded) or audit Instructor’s name and link Location and time of course Level (undergraduate or graduate) Week at a glance Students are responsible for verifying all GoldLink transactions by checking detailed student schedule.

12 Registration Tab Look Up Classes What’s in GoldLink?

13 What’s in GoldLink? Registration Look up Classes
Click on Look Up Classes option Choose term (do not select COM or COP terms) Click in subject area Type in first letter of course you are looking for Example: Type E and look for ENGL Scroll down until you find course subject area (subject is a required field) You may use each area option to narrow your search

14 Look up Classes - Options
What’s in GoldLink? Registration Look up Classes - Options Examples of options: Subject: (REQUIRED FIELD) ENGL, MCOM, SPAN (select multiple subjects by using shift or control keys while selecting subjects) Course Number: 1010, 2300, 1100 Instructional Method: Web Asynchronous (web courses – always review course descriptions to verify if course is fully online or instructor) Credit Range: not frequently used Campus: allows you to choose specific campus such as ETSU main or Kingsport Course Level: undergraduate, graduate Part of term: not frequently used Instructor: can choose course subject and narrow to instructor if looking for a specific course or all courses taught by that instructor in the selected subject. Attribute Type: choose courses that will fulfill high school deficiencies or proficiency intensive requirements (discuss options with your advisor) Start Time and End Time: choose courses that fit into your schedule Days: choose courses only offered on specific days of week

15 Look up Classes - Options
What’s in GoldLink? Registration Look up Classes - Options Example: Subject: ENGL Course Number: 1010

16 Look up Classes – Reading Search
What’s in GoldLink? Registration Look up Classes – Reading Search C = closed course or course requires permit before student may register (permit courses usually have a capacity of 0 and Remaining Seats will have negative number) NR = you are not eligible to register (see registration status for details) or contact the Registration HelpDesk at (8:00 am – 4:30 pm EST). Section numbers: are coded to describe courses Section Numbers Campus Day Classes Classes Administered as campus classes taught at off campus facilities Campus Evening Classes Classes taught at ETSU at Kingsport Classes at ETSU at Bristol Distance Education Classes Classes at ETSU at Greeneville Elizabethton Classes at the Nave Center Special assigned classes meeting at various specified locations 899 Accelerated Masters’ in Business Classes 900 Online Classes R50 Regents Online Degree Program Classes (special fees apply – advisor approval and permit required)

17 Look up Classes – Reading Search
What’s in GoldLink? Registration Look up Classes – Reading Search Course Title: Course Days: MWF = Monday, Wednesday and Friday TR = Tuesday and Thursday R = Thursday TBA = time pending or online (see section number or course description) Time: CAP: classroom capacity ACT: students actually enrolled REM: remaining seats left in classroom Instructor: Course Dates: finals week is typically one week later Location: your student detailed schedule will note names of Buildings Attribute: indicates areas that course will satisfy (talk with your advisor about general education, proficiency intensives, major and minor requirements. Also see the online catalog at

18 Look up Classes – Registration
What’s in GoldLink? Registration Look up Classes – Registration Students may either: Look up classes and register using check box under SELECT column or Use drop/add option and enter CRN numbers (that advisor provides or that you have looked up) Use add/drop option to drop course(s) Only drop course(s) after conferring with your advisor or other campus resources. Dropping a course can adversely affect financial aid, scholarships and housing. Go to Add/Drop option. Select course to drop using drop down arrow. Submit changes. Error messages may be visible – you may need to scroll down depending upon your text size in your browser. Students are responsible for verifying all GoldLink transactions. Verify drop by viewing the status of that specific course in your Student Detailed Schedule. Add or drop date will show with indicated status.

19 Look up Classes – Intensives
What’s in GoldLink? Registration Look up Classes – Intensives Steps for How to View Intensives on GoldLink Go to Go to GoldLink Go to Look Up Classes Hold down the Ctrl and Shift Keys Scroll down to the bottom to highlight all Subjects Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Attributes Section Click on the three intensive codes ITEC, IWRT, ICOM by holding down the Ctrl and Shift Keys Scroll down to highlight all three intensive codes Click Class Search A complete list of Intensive courses will appear More registration information available at:

20 What’s in GoldLink? Student Records
View grades View holds View attendance reports View and print unofficial transcripts View transfer evaluations View high school deficiencies (if applicable) Request official transcripts Request enrollment certificates (enrollment verification - usually for insurance purposes) Check Lottery eligibility Use GPA calculator

21 What’s in GoldLink? Student Records Academic Transcripts
Click on: Academic Transcript Choose: All levels Choose : Student Unofficial Transcript Choose: Submit

22 Student Records Academic Transcripts What’s in GoldLink?

23 What’s in GoldLink? Student Records Academic Transcripts
How to read your academic transcript: *Indicates Developmental Studies Program coursework – does not count toward graduation hours and graduation gpa # indicates course met high school deficiency requirement R column indicates repeat courses E = grade and hours are excluded from gpa I = grade and hours are included in gpa Note: most recent grade is the official grade. Students cannot choose “best” grade. Multiple repeats are outlined in the catalog. Students should NOT repeat grades of A or B. W = student withdrew from course after 14th day of class. May impact financial aid and scholarships if other end-of-term grades are not satisfactory. See financial aid for more information.

24 What’s in GoldLink? Student Records Academic Transcripts
How to read your academic transcript: Total Institution: ETSU work Institution Combined: ETSU work with Developmental Studies Total Transfer: Transfer work Transfer Combined: Transfer work with Developmental Studies Overall: ETSU and transfer work Overall Combined: ETSU and Transfer work with Dev. Studies

25 What’s in GoldLink? Financial Aid
See Financial Aid website for tutorials on: Completing your FAFSA each year How to accept your awards on GoldLink Step-by-Step guide for Financial Aid Verification Process Satisfactory Academic Progress Common Mistakes to Avoid Financial Aid: Burgin Dossett Hall

26 Satisfactory Academic Progress
What’s in GoldLink? Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Satisfactory Academic Progress - PROGRESS STANDARDS:  Students must earn a satisfactory grade in at least 66% of the semester credit hours they attempt each semester. SEMESTER PROGRESS: Students must, as a minimum, receive a satisfactory grade (*) in the courses they attempt each semester. *For purposes of financial aid, satisfactory grades are A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, S, SP or P. Unsatisfactory grades are F, W, WF, U, or I. Audits do not count as attempted hours and are not eligible for financial aid.

27 What’s in GoldLink? Student Account
Request Parking Decal Account Detail - Confirm attendance Make payments, set up refunds and direct deposits Online Financial Aid Agreement Promissory Note (former affidavit) Set up direct deposit Tax documents More information: visit Financial Services/Bursar at:

28 Related to Advisement and Registration
What’s in GoldLink? Resources Related to Advisement and Registration ETSU Online Catalog: General Education information: General Education information for transfer students: Need Help finding your advisor – contact the ARC, 2nd Level of D. P. Culp Center or call Academic Calendar for Students: Online student forms: Registration information: High School Deficiency information: Developmental Studies Program:

29 Presented by: Teresa Williams Director of University Advisement Office of Undergraduate Student Advisement

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