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2 Signing On
Best works in a Google Chrome browser When you logon the schedule for the current month will show. **Make sure towards the end of the month to scroll into the next month to confirm jobs/see schedule




6 Forgot Password If you every forget your username and/or password. Contact the hall instead of choosing the “Forgot Password” option. There is a quicker turnaround time from the hall.

7 Filling out Profile Once you logon go to “My Profile” and add all information

8 Filling out Profile Ignore your seniority, for payroll purposes that will be the last 4 of your social. This is meant to mitigate incorrect checks.

9 Filling out Profile To edit your information, click on the pencil

10 Filling out Profile Enter all information in, especially your and cell phone. You can also change your password here

11 Adding Skills Go to the skills tab and check of all that apply. Do not check the box unless you have worked in that skill before.

12 Availability Enter your availability for the upcoming week. If you can never work at specific times, add those times in there. If you do not put anything, you will be available all week.

13 Vacation Manager Enter any and all time off you will be taking.

14 Vacation Manager Add the start and end date when you will be gone then hit “Add Time Off” You can always delete what you entered if plans change This is a good option to use for doctors/dentist or any other appointments

15 Filling out Profile Once you filled out each tab, hit “Edit Employee” to save any and all changes.

16 Enabling Text Messages
Click the “Preferences” tab

17 Enabling Text Messages
Under “Mobile SMS Options” click “enable” and make sure your pop up blocker is off.

18 Enabling Text Messages
Select your carrier and click “Request Code” The code will be texted to you instantly, type in the code and click “Confirm Code”

19 Enabling Text Messages
After you hit “Confirm Code” your SMS option will be enabled and you will be able to receive text messages from the system. Everyone must enable their phone If you get a new phone or change providers you will have to re-enable your messages If you carrier is not listed, contact the hall

20 Confirming/Declining Calls
When you are looking at a call, only focus on the end time. Unless the steward knows what time exactly the call will end, it will default to 11:59pm. That end time, as always, is not set in stone

21 Confirming/Declining Calls
Go to “Schedule” on the toolbar Your assigned jobs will show up If you want to check off for the job click the green arrow. Click the red X to decline If you decline a job, you will be marked as unavailable that day

22 Confirming/Declining Calls
When you confirm or decline your page will be updated automatically If you accidentally hit decline, call the hall to remove yourself as declined. All jobs you confirm/deny/are assigned will show up under schedule. Make sure to check the next month if it is close to the end of the month!

23 Options for Checking Off
Respond to the text sent out with the job details with your name Make sure to put your name, the reply will come back as your phone Log on to and confirm call under your schedule Call the hall

24 Preferences

25 Preferences Modify time/date/phone format

26 Being a Steward Click “My Jobs” under your profile.
This will show all the jobs you are steward on

27 Sign In Sheet You can print off a sign in sheet to bring with you to the job. Go to “My Jobs” then click on the job you want a sign in sheet for Once you are on the job page click “sign in sheet” and a printable version will appear

28 Sign In Sheet Cont.

29 Sign In Sheet Cont.

30 Sign In Sheet Cont. You can sort the sheet by any of those columns but clicking them

31 Excel Sheet You can also select “Employee Data” to dumb the names in excel for payroll purpose.

32 Excel Sheet Cont.

33 Questions?

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